Friday, March 13, 2015


This week has been unbelievable. I'm not even sure which one to talk about so I'm just going to throw it all out there and gather my thoughts another day. Maybe eventually, I'll be able to put together a coherent post that stays on topic. (pfft. I know.)

Anyway, first was some really awesome news on Alex's school website. I called the governor. and was sent somewhere else. so I left a message. and I called a senator. and was sent somewhere else. so I left two messages. No one ever called me back. BUT, Becky Ruth, State Representative for District 114, has a Facebook page! You can find her Facebook page here. Becky Ruth is a retired teacher and all excited about education. I read it on her webpage, here. So, I sent her a message letting her know the problems we've had getting Alex a school website and asked for her help. Great news... she answered my message! She said she was going to Jeff City on Monday and would look into the issue, she said she would get back to me. I'm excited. Especially considering the fact that she is active on her Facebook page, and she does have a webpage that tells about her so she has to know how valuable those resources are for interacting with the people she represents, the same as would be possible for Alex's school to interact with the parents of their students. She's always updating, so she understands how effective and efficient those resources are for getting information out to a group of people. Plus, she received and answered my message a hell of a lot faster on Facebook than a phone call to her office. She seems really nice, I'm hoping she can get something done.

Then we start slipping a little.

Goofy got a new bedroom. He has a space for his sensory area, and a separate space to sleep. Pretty much, it's an enclosed bunk bed, but with his proprioceptive problems and our lack of space... it works for us. Walter's jealous. He wants something, too. He wants a break. I scoffed and told him to get a letter of recommendation from his therapist like Goofy did. I'll be damned if he didn't, so now I'm scrambling to find a babysitter for summer. Oh, Lord, this is an entire blog post on its own. You know there is no one who can watch Alex for the summer? I called the daycares, he needs a 1:1 aide. To get a 1:1 aide, you need funding. I called the Regional Center. To get funding, you need a waiver. The waiver we're applying for has a $12,000 cap. That will cover two hours per day, and nothing else. No grab bars for the shower, no handicap accessible porch, no anything that he needs, just two hours of 1:1 care per day. And, if they are funding 1:1 care, they'd rather do it in the home setting. I called United4Children, they found two daycares in my area that could help, and we're back to the 1:1 aide and funding. I called the school, I called the camps ($625 per week!? That's almost what I make in a month!) I called the insurance to get home health care. The insurance will call me back, but she doesn't think it's looking good. Monday, I have an appointment with his principal to discuss summer school, which is three hours per day for one month. How in the world do they expect us to work when there is next to nothing for childcare? But, if you kid is not a danger to himself or others and does not need a 1:1 aide, I suggest Westbrook Academy in Arnold. I've talked to her several times and if it weren't for Alex being...difficult...I'd choose her. The director is an SLP, and they offer speech therapy and occupational therapy while the kids are there. They have a lot of experience with special needs. Plus, they have a website. because, who doesn't?

We haven't quite hit the bottom, but we're heading in that direction.

Goofy's Superintendent is not as intrigued with the idea of Character Education as I hoped he would be. They stopped Character Education 5 years ago. Figured it was a waste of money, or so he was told. But, no worries. The kids are fine. Everything is fine. The have an alternative behavior program now and they've won silver stars or some crap like that. So, yeah, as I figured, trying for Character Education is a lost cause. My only option is to convince the school that my child is the Spawn of Satan and needs transportation as a related service. You know, if it weren't for his ADHD, he wouldn't be bullied on the bus. He brings it all on himself. Because it has to be his fault in order to be kept safe. Shouldn't be too hard, right?

and right about here, I'm fantasizing about slamming someone's head in a car door.

Then comes early out Thursday with beautiful weather, suitable for riding bikes. Guess who learned to ride with no training wheels!!! GOOFY! He screamed, he yelled, he little-kid-cursed, he cried, he threw the bike and tried his hardest to stomp it into the ground, but in less than an hour, he taught himself to ride a two wheeled bike. He was playing with that bike when Alex's bus pulled up. While I was trying to convince Alex to stop yanking me and trying to make me pick him up and just step down the stairs, Goofy's bike was attacked by a bee. He dropped it in front of the bus and ran, screaming like a girl, to the neighbor's mailbox. I yelled at him to move the bike, he refused, I yelled more, he refused. I dragged Alex and all of the stuff he came home with into the street to get the bike and lug it and him and stuff back to the yard, while yelling at Goofy to come home. He refused. The bus driver went to turn around while I took Alex in. She was on her way back up when Goofy refused to walk home, turned to run... I grabbed his shirt, he "fell" forward, "choking" loudly. I picked his 75lb butt up to carry him home while he kicked and screamed. Then he spent the next half hour or so yelling at me for ruining his life because I embarrassed him in front of his friends. At supper, when he was calmer, we had a more rational discussion. I told him that Alex's bus driver witnessed that entire scene, bus driver trumps friends, and he embarrassed himself carrying on like that. I told him if he kept that up, the neighbor mom wouldn't let her boy play with him. I saw the look on her face, and not that she has any room to be judging since she doesn't seem to even be concerned about buying blinds, but it wasn't good. He promised to behave. I made a mental note to ask his counselor about self injurious behavior...and another later to tattle on him for locking me out of the house.

And then no school Friday. Lord, have mercy.

and that all leads to this very moment. I am sitting here with a glass of Wild Cherry Pepsi and Whipped Crème Vodka. I would like to take this opportunity to raise my glass to ex-husbands who are willing to exercise their visitation rights, even though the asshole refused to petition for custody because he thinks I'm doing just fine.

Laugh or cry.

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  1. Ah, the excitement never ends. I wish for you a dull, uneventful weekend. And damn but that drink sounds delicious, and you deserve it.