Friday, March 20, 2015


I cried today. I did not know how emotional a person could get over a phone call from a stranger, but the things she said to me...

Goofy has a friend. Like, a real friend. Someone he really cares about. It started the day we sat down to fill out valentine cards for his class- which we are now able to do in one sitting, with me writing the kids' names and him signing his own, yay!- there was only one kid on the list that he cared about. This kid had to be done first, list be damned. He went through the whole box and searched out the perfect valentine, he named the kid by first and last name like the kid was a real person and not just a name on a list, he addressed the valentine himself and signed it. Let me repeat that- he addressed the valentine himself. He willingly and painstakingly printed the kid's first and last name on the valentine before signing his own name. I need to know more about this kid.

But he wouldn't tell me because his teenage brothers have instilled the "it's not your business, it's mine" and the "mind your own." Which, the second could possibly be my own influence backfiring, but, anyway.

We talked to Goofy's counselor about the special boy and as usual, Goofy was willing to talk to him. He explained why this kid was his friend and the things they had in common. The more I listened, the more the alarm bells went off in my head... not in a bad way, in the way of recognition. Fond description by fond description, boxes were checked in my mind. Like seeks like. It sounds like my Goofy One found a very good friend, one who fits perfectly with him.

My suspicions that the kid wasn't quite like everyone else were confirmed when I went to get Goofy from his lunch table and found his friend rubbing his face on Goofy's arm like a cat and making peculiar sounds at me. I think I like this kid. I need to know more about him.

Third grade is coming fast. There is only one kid that Goofy has connected with, and I mean next to ever. The neighbor girl was the only friend he ever had, and now he only sees her every other weekend. He needs a friend, he chose a friend, and I need to see what I can do about keeping this friend. I called the Elementary and spoke with the counselor and the assistant principal to ask how to request that this boy be in Goofy's class again. I got the information I needed and a whole lot more that I appreciate. They suggested two teachers for next year that have patience, understanding, and experience. I didn't have to mention the classroom environment, they already knew that a well organized and calm classroom would be important. I am comfortable with next year.

Next, I sent the boy's parents a letter and waited all night and day for a response.

I was sitting on the porch with my coffee and grocery list, watching Goofy play and listening to Alex watch his movie, when my phone rang.

Her boy has trouble making friends, too. He tries, but most of the time he prefers to be by himself. When she described his reaction to my letter, I choked up a little. She told me a little about her boy, and how he seems to be a lot like my Goofy one. She told me some of the things they have been working on, and the answers she's trying to find. She told me she gets it. She knows. When she told me yes, she would like to have them in the same class again, and yes, she would like for them to be friends, I cried.

We have our first ever playdate tomorrow at noon.

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