Sunday, March 8, 2015


         Ok, so here lately I have been crabby, resentful, and just MEAN. To be honest, I don't know why but it just happens and I don't mean for it to happen but sometimes I just get irritated and I try to be nice but sometimes it don't work. And I just do stupid stuff, like this morning for example, I got a stick of Beef Jerky and it was spicy. When I say spicy I mean really spicy it even said "Really Freakin' Hot!", I took a bite out of it last night and it was really hot. So being the non-thinking irritating brother I walk up to Goofy and I started talking to him.

"Hey Goofy?"
"Do you like Beef Jerky?"
"No, its too spicy"
"Oh no, not this one. Here take a little bite"

       And I give him a bite and I see him chewing and I remember how fast it took to kick in and I tell him to hurry get a drink of water and he looks at me. Not the usual look, not the " Oh my god really?" look. This look was a more of a "Really? Why? I trusted you and you did this to me " look. I felt horrible, so I pointed him to the toilet and told him spit it out ( he was brushing his teeth so we were in the bathroom). He runs to the toilet and spits it out and runs to the sink and turns the sink on and sips water. He is done and he runs to the kitchen to tell mom what I did. She calls me in and asks why I did it and I I'm standing in the kitchen looking her in the eyes, I don't know what to say. I don't have an answer to tell her, I'm standing there in her face not saying anything and she wants an answer. Then she smacks me in the face and knocks me to reality. She didn't physically smack me, she asked me a question that was unexpected and I wasn't prepared for. It smacked me in the face and made me think. She asked, "What happened?, You used to protect your brothers, you used to make sure they didn't get hurt. Now you feed them spicy stuff and make jokes that only YOU think are funny." At that moment I had a flash back of all those memories.

        Now, I don't know what I was thinking but I guess I had to smart off or something. Mom was fed up, you can tell. So, she said she is just going to ban all hot stuff from the house and my hot sauces were gone. I said I'd rather hide them before I throw them away and she looked at me and gave me the death stare, I knew I messed up. The ps3 and my phone, they are on the table and are not allowed to be touched. She told me to clean my room, I already have. She told me to clean the bathroom, it already is. She told me to clean something so I went off and unloaded the dryer and put my clothes in the washer. Then I went to the living room and looked at the table. Goofy looked at me then looked at his glorious pile of pistachio shells. He looked at me, and I looked at him and before either of us said something mom told him to get a bowl and put them in their. And me still thinking of what she said about how I used to be I continued to clean the living room and then cleaned of the Kitchen counter.
     Now, we have 3 cats.. wait, I guess you can count the stray we found and brought in. So I guess we have 4 cats, Gilbert( Goofy's cat), Smokey(was thing 2's cat but since we moved its all of ours), Marcus(Moms cat), and Amy(the stray).  You know how there's men of the house? Well, we have a cat of the house too. Gilbert, he is the big cat and isn't afraid of the cats. Smokey, he is the sweet, playful cat. He doesn't meow a lot but when he does you can tell its him. Now, your probably asking what does our cats have to do with this?
       I was walking through the living room and I herd a meow. It was Smokey I could tell and at first I thought it was him and Gilbert playing around and then I remember mom let them out this morning. And there is this cat that thinks he is all big and bad and he likes to fight every cat he see's. Smokey can wrestle and stuff but he can't fight. And Goofy knows that too and then the meows stop for a second and I hear them again I look at mom and tell her its Smokey and she tells me to go and help him.
       Now, let me tell you what I'm wearing. I'm in AND1 sweat pants, no shoes or socks, and a short sleeve T-Shirt. It is cold outside and I open the door to step out to see the big and bad cat on top Smokey clawing him with his back feet while he bites Smokey and Smokey is crying and whining as loud as he can and I jump down more then half the steps and to run through the mud in my bare feet and I grab the big and bad cat by its neck and throw him and I go to grab Smokey but he runs under the house.
      Goofy loves all the cats, and when he see's them get hurt he burst's out crying. I didn't want the sweetest cat in the house to be hurt badly and then see Goofy cry.  When Goofy cry's its hard to see, it hurts to see him cry. Now, him crying about something he wants but he cant get or something along those lines is a different story. I didn't want to see him cry at all.
      I run in to go get the flashlight and I run outside with the flashlight to try to see if I can see Smokey at all. Now, no one in this house goes under the trailer because its dirty and there are spider webs and eggs everywhere. But today was a different story, for me at least. I don't even think about it I run under there calling Smokey. I'm half way through and I hear footsteps come down the steps and I hope its not Goofy. Thank goodness it was mom, I ask her for gloves because it is cold and it is concrete and you know how like little pebbles come off of it and stick to your hands and because I have to move stuff to get to him and I don't want to use my bare hands. She gives my gloves and I'm make my way through not caring what I'm going through. I cant see him so I'm just like forget it he will come back hopefully. I crawl out with dirt and mud all over my hands and knees. But it was worth it for this beautiful cat and his relief.
      I come in to see Goofy watching Raising Hope. I just go to take a shower and I come to this computer and I see mom left her blog up and I was reading one and I couldn't help but smile and I did tear up a little because I remember these pictures and I just take a look at these beautiful kids and I look at how we have grown. The post was called Alex: Regression and well, if you look at us now you can see our changes. Everyone changes at some point, maybe it is personality wise or appearance wise.

 Some of us turned out cooler than others *cough* Alex *cough*
Some of us turn into samurai rangers
 some of us are classier
And some of us... Well, We are one of a kind(:
     No matter our changes we are the same. We change, all of us. But even if we change so much we can barely recognize each other ( hopefully it wont happen ) we will still be there for each other. If we are hurt, the other will be there for them. Only our appearances and personality change. But we are family, and family doesn't change ( please no " Well, technically " comments ).
     Mom, even though I can be really mean and annoying to my brothers it doesn't mean I don't care for them anymore or I still don't protect them. And I do realize our bond, our brotherly love. I do realize that we will be together till we die. I do realize that the little kid sitting next to me watching Power Rangers is my brother and I should love him and cherish that he is my brother. And I do realize that the little kid in  his room watching Dora is my brother and I will go out of my way to protect him at any cost. I will protect both of them. I love them.

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