Monday, January 5, 2015

Goofy's Christmas Wish

I worry that the Goofy One is having a hard time with the divorce and the move. He doesn't act like it's a problem, he hasn't asked me to fix it, he seems to be just going along with it but still I worry. He has problems that could be totally unrelated but both his psychiatrist and his counselor ask if it's because of the divorce and I wonder. Before Christmas break, they did Letters to Santa at school. Goofy's made me sad...

Dear Santa,
I love you. Please love me. Do you?
Please do and tell Rudolph I love him.
Love, Goofy.

Santa wrote him back...
Dear Goofy,
I love all of the little boys and girls.
I will surely tell Rudolph that you love him.
Thank you for writing a letter to me,
and I hope you have a very merry Christmas.
From, Santa

I was a little underwhelmed by the young Santa's response so on Christmas Eve night, when the cookies were made and the kids were in bed, Santa wrote Goofy a thank you note for the cookies. He made sure to very carefully print every letter individually because he knows how the Goofy One flips out over cursive writing and destroy all copies of his printing fails so that the Goofy Child could have more of a personal response on Christmas morning.

Santa made sure to tell Goofy that he is loved and to thank him for the cookies. Santa also let Goofy know that Rudolph loved him and was very thankful for his apple. He ate every bite.

The reaction was not exactly what I expected. Goofy was irritated. He's not sure that letter is really from Santa because Santa writes in cursive and he is very annoyed that Rudolph ate the apple he was saving for the homeless man.

Ah, the effing homeless man. If ever there was a reason to doubt... but whether or not the man is really homeless, he is really a pain in my ass. He stands at 141 and 21 every single morning. He is the reason Alex's regional worker now knows that I am mean and don't even care about helping people because he needed help! and he's the reason I felt about two inches tall when Goofy was the one to point out that he needed food because he was hungry.

Fine. I'm sufficiently shamed. The next day, I gave him 75 cents (it's all I had!) and the Goofy One held up traffic to climb up to give him his 25 cents. I'm back in the Child's good graces... until he wanted to give the man his allowance, but I talked him out of it so he decided the last apple was for him... and then Rudolph ate it.

At least Santa loves him, right?

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