Thursday, September 18, 2014

Looking up

This week started out shitty, then bottomed out.

Tuesday night we had an end-of-the-world battle over homework. The Goofy Child has hit my last nerve. He screamed, he cried, he dropped to the ground over erasing, he slammed buttons on the keyboard making his spelling list and yelled at me about the unfairness of life and how freaking tired he was. Alright. Fine. Too tired for homework? Then you're too tired to play. Skip reading for 15 minutes and get to bed. I told that boy straight up, I don't care, he's not doing any of his favorite activities until homework is done.

I called the boys for night time meds...and I'll be damned if Walter didn't take the wrong ones. That makes for a rough night. Walter wakes me up Wednesday morning wanting to know if he should take Thursday morning's pills since he took Wednesday morning's the night before. Oh, Lord, thank you for waking me up for that one. Geez.

I grudgingly drag my butt out of bed late and walk in to wake Alex talented artist struck again and I can see exactly what the problem is. He's too big for L/XL pull-ups and too small for XL. His pull-up fell off. No more. I bathed the kid and scrubbed and scrubbed the mess. (and later spent about an hour on the phone with the medical supply company trying to explain exactly what I meant by "diapers" in my request to change from pull-ups to diapers. Did I mean pull-ups?)

I fought with Goofy over clothing to the point that I wondered how truly awful it would be to let him wear yesterday's clothes underneath today's clothes, even if he did look like that bundled up little boy on A Christmas Story... then decided against it considering I'm already pushing my luck since I can't remember the last time soap touched his body (he says the soap will burn his "boo-boo").

I just barely get the little demons on their buses. Alex's bus driver and aide are freaking awesome. They are most definitely a couple of characters. They are having a thing with Alex's school aides over a specific Elmo teething ring. This Elmo is sacred, in their eyes. He's the only toy in the world that keeps Alex's shoes on through the whole bus ride and the school aides keep taking him. They are not happy. They keep telling me so. Alex has two Elmo's. One in the classroom and one at home. I don't know why the school aides would need Elmo. Well, today, the bus driver and aide won the battle. As soon as they got Elmo in their hands, they kept him. Didn't even give it to the school aide to convince Alex to walk down the stairs. I tell you, they are an entertaining duo.

Sunday evening we had rushed the Goofy Child to the Mercy Urgent Care center with swelling under his jaw and a (still) nasty looking scratch on his chin. They did some tests, said it wasn't strep and sent him home with an antibiotic and an antibiotic cream. Late Wednesday morning, they called me to let me know that it actually was strep which set me right into panic because I just sent my kid to school for 3 days with strep! They don't think it's a problem because if he wasn't feeling better, or he was feeling worse, he probably would have said so. Yes, I explained, and no, they are not familiar with this "sensory" thing. He has what? *Sigh* No, the Goofy One would not tell me. They said I would have noticed laying around or not eating. and we are back to this "sensory" thing. I took what they said and their medical recommendations and called the pediatrician all fired up and asking what to do since these dipshits couldn't even read a strep test. The pediatrician says it's fine, there are two tests and it's not uncommon (uhg, not uncommon. probably as in "typical.") for the first test to be negative while the second is positive. He said to do as they say, he agrees with their recommendations. He is now on two antibiotics and an antibiotic cream.

Ok, so, Wednesday's work appointments ran over which made me late getting home. As soon as Walter got home from school, I called him to ask him to please get his brothers off their buses. He told me he would and then went on to tell me that his doctor's note ran out and he's back to running in PE. Even with the arch supports, his legs are killing him and he's really worried that he has those stress fractures the doctor mentioned. I promised him that I would message the doctor and reminded him to not forget to get his brothers. We're good. At 3:40, I called and got no answer. He's been doing that and we've been fighting and I keep swearing I will take his phone but we both know that if I take his phone, I can't call him to get his brothers. Stalemate. I assumed he's rebelling and just not answering his phone to be a jerk and I swear to myself that I will threaten to take his phone when I get home. 10 minutes later, my neighbor calls. He's all hesitant because he knows I'm going to be pissed, but he says, "Hey, Mac, um, Alex's bus is here and there's no one to get him off of the bus. Is he going to freak out if I try to get him off of the bus?" God bless my neighbor.

When I get done cursing Walter, he puts me on the phone with the bus driver. Character, remember? Entertaining, ringing any bells? I explain that Walter was supposed to get Alex but he didn't and now my neighbor wants to get him and I'm asking if she can let my neighbor have him. She's very politely explaining to me that yes, she sees his brother, but she just can't leave him with a younger sibling. I told her I appreciate that, but my neighbor is going to get him for me because his brother didn't show up, can she please let my neighbor get him off of the bus? She patiently tells me that his brother is standing here, but she really can't release Alex to a younger sibling. I tell her that I understand that, the brother that was supposed to get him is the Mexican one- not the little one, she says, "Oh, yeah. that one isn't here, just the little guy." I tell her my neighbor is the adult standing there, can she please give him to the adult and I will be home soon. I swear, I could hear the woman looking my neighbor up and down as she hesitates a second before saying, "I don't know...can I trust your neighbor with him?" I had to laugh.

Turns out, Walter was sleeping. The combination of wrong pills at the wrong time and the rough night, and the hurting legs, and the running a mile was just too much for him. It reminded me that I'm expecting a child to take care of a child. I think I'm expecting a bit too much out of him, but I'm not sure what to do. I don't know that, as a single mom, I can afford to cut my hours. But I don't know that I can afford not to, either. Rock and a hard place.

Today, things are starting to look up.

After a few more calls to Prairie Farms, our local Wal-Mart will start carrying the sister's little milk cartons this weekend. WOO! Thank you all for your support in that.

After more than a few calls to school administration, advocacy groups, the state, and many lawyers, Mommy finally got a response from a guy named Andy at the school- she will be getting a copy of the sister's IEP and her records tomorrow.

I'm still figuring out what to do about moving. There was a time that I thought I could never afford to own a home as a single mother making minimum wage. After talking to a loan officer, though, I am only 40 credit points away from getting a pretty decent loan through some great programs. I have a credit card now and I've been doing some real estate browsing. I want to go home, but it's looking like some of my best options are close to Alex's Mommy. It scares me that her district is the Lindsay Lohan of Jefferson County, and dealing with them over special education has been the worst experience of my life (if you don't understand the enormity of that, go read the last few years), but it looks like they are scrambling to straighten shit out. I worry about placement options but my friend Rae has had great experiences there, so I'm not sure if I should be worried. I emailed Andy to ask about things, he told me to call him in the morning and he'd see what he can do.

I don't know yet where we will end up or what tomorrow will bring, but I'm feeling pretty good. Life is good.

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