Friday, May 9, 2014

Goofiness and Awesome Kids

I think I may have been offline a little too long. Seems I missed a lot of shit. Can't say I'm sorry. While I was gone, I guess another parent killed their kid and started up the same old debate of is it lack of services and overwhelming stress or are all parents just natural born killers who hate all autistics....? Yeah, I'm glad I missed that one. I'm a whole lot happier not fighting the fight. Wanna see what I've been doing instead? Of course you do or you wouldn't be here :) Check this out...

Remember way back when I was actually writing and I told you that I couldn't legitimately call these heathens my legion of evil anymore because they are soooo good and sweet and well behaved? I lied. There is just too much to tell you, so I'm going to show you. I have to say, my house is a friggin mess and I couldn't be happier about it so judge on. Here we go.

The Goofy Child tried to explode me with TNT.

Alex picked up my sunglasses on the way out,
 so I let him wear them...
and he did!

The Goofy Child sharing wishes :)

Alex is making messes on purpose.
I told him I was going to beat his ass,
He told me no. :)

We are all about safety in this house.

Yes, we text in the same room.
We like it.

Oh my goodness. This day. This one, I was laughing at Alex and texting. He came up to me, looked me right in the face, smacked my phone out of my hand and kicked it under the refrigerator. I got down to find my phone and he climbed on top of me and rode me like a horse...

spinning tires.

more spinning tires.

These dirty looks, man.
So cute.

The Goofy One showed Alex the grill :/



What is it with these boys and horse rides?

The Goofy Child has taken to freezing his animals.
He likes them cold.

I introduced Alex to selfies.
He says, "Hi, there."
 After the selfies, I was loading the dishwasher. I swear, I only looked away for a minute and I lost my kid. I checked the back porch, the livingroom, the bedrooms... and then I did a more frantic search. My heart was bumpin, man. Then I heard quite vocal stimming....

Kinda hard to decipher, but I think I might know what he wants ;)

Oh, shit. Do I even want to know what he's considering?
Apparently not.

Remember the all about safety thing?

We've been spending a lot of time with Alex's sister, too.
So pretty :)
 Then, night before last, what was that, Wednesday night? My juvenile delinquent in the making stayed up all night partying. or being pissed that I didn't change his poopy butt quick enough for his preference... same thing. So he decided to skip school yesterday. (yes, his fault. leave it.)

FUN TIME! Here we go!

Lovin' the music.

Not loving waiting on the doctor's office to
make copies of the Goofy Child's papers.

Smoke on the Water playing. He loves it.

Waiting for the sister's school bus.

kinda got them both looking...
I see no resemblance. I think we need DNA tests.

The Goofy Child found a new friend.

Maybe we can talk his dad into getting one.
And that is how we've been spending our time. I'm excited about summer. I can't wait to see what they do.

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  1. Certainly have been missing you but certainly understand you have been busy and all :)