Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Reason for The Season

Autism awareness month kicked of exactly as I expected. and underscores the reason we need more awareness. Not just because "she can't be autistic because she makes eye contact and gives hugs" but also for the day to day bullshit...
First, I got a lovely email response from the Goofy One's school psychologist. He will be unable to give me a copy of the Goofy Child's evaluation report until after the eligibility meeting. Not cool. So not cool. I made that request in writing. IN WRITING. on paper. with CCs. I put a lot of effort into that request, man, you can't just say oh, yeah, no problem and then change your mind later. So, I wrote an email. and right here is the perfect example of why you should not email while angry, even if you do have an awesome proof reader- I wrote an email. No curse words, no accusations, not even a subtle FU. Pete and Pam would have been proud... Except that I got my facts all mixed up. The message concerning this specific request was spot on, but I mixed up the meetings and which request was filed when in relation to this specific request so then I had to email them back and fix it. There has been no response yet and I am not amused.
Then Alex's Mommy asked me to go with her to his sister's meeting on April 1st. That was fun. So much fun. A whole bunch of angry people seated at a table with no one listening to anyone else, most definitely not listening to Mom while at the same time firmly stating that Mom is involved in the process. The SLP getting huffy and saying, "I have nothing else to say here." and getting up to walk away while the psychologist says, "yeah, neither do I." and stands up to walk away as well. How in the hell is school personnel going to get up and walk out of a meeting regarding an IEP without discussing the parents' concerns? Bullshit. Just because you work in a preschool doesn't mean you get to act like it.
and then there's this... I've written before about this in *freight train*, I may have been mixed up on Prior Written Notice there, but I wasn't confused on this one: "We just need you to sign this," they said, "it just says you were here for the meeting," they said. Really? 

and then they get mad when it's read out loud with a questioning look, so I guess it means what I thought it meant.

And then there's this from the principal in response to request for further evaluation... "If her IEP expires, she won't have an IEP and she won't receive services." again, I say bullshit. An IEP does not expire, you can read about IEPs not expiring over at Wrightslaw.

I'm a little down on schools right now. I'm angry, I'm frustrated, I'm fed up. I'm sick of the fighting, sick of the lies, sick of the games, and I'm *firmly* done with the bullshit. So, today I called the lawyer I picked out a few weeks ago to make an appointment for a consultation. Hopefully, there will come a day that the national epidemic of utter bullshit is eradicated, and the services and supports out kids need will be more readily available and schools will be able to meet their needs without an epic battle that leaves both sides pissed off and children caught in the crossfire.

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