Monday, April 14, 2014

Good Times...

You guys, I have the best news! Ok, I have lots of good news.

So, I told you I was going to talk to the Goofy One's resource teacher? She's awesome. She sounds just like Alex's school with the working together and liking my kid and stuff (not that she's met him yet that I know of, but I don't expect that to change- the boy's cute.) After I emailed her asking how we could work together, she sent me a list of questions to answer. Luckily, after working with Alex's school I had a pretty good idea of what she could want and most of her questions were already answered, all I had to do was send it in.

I have to tell you, next year is actually looking pretty good. The only way this team could get better is to replace one who will not be named and keep this year's teacher forever. I wonder what it would take to convince her that she never really liked teaching first grade and that second grade will be so much better...

More good news... Alex. We have a meeting coming up eventually to discuss staff change. In the past, staff change has been ridiculous. This year, we got to keep an aide from last year and they only have 2 aides working with him on alternate days so I'm doing my best to convince the man Alex needs staff overlap. Check it out, the trend continues.

Top: last year with staff change
Bottom: this year with overlap

See it? Isn't it beautiful? I'm excited. This is going to be great. We are totally going to have overlap. Consistency is our friend.

Also, I talked to Walter's future principal some time recently... I don't know, within the past few months. Walter is most definitely covered. We have a plan. The math class he's going into has built in support and data collection and he'll get RtI in TAP. He can do tutoring in TAP or after school, praise the Lord for no more 4:00 dashes to the school and for no more "Don't forget me." ... "Did you forget me? You forgot me, didn't you?" text messages from my first born.

There's more.

June 1, Thing2 is graduating. Graduating. From High School. There is a lot of excitement over this one. I even have a skirt. A skirt, people. Yeah, this is serious. 2 down, 3 to go.

And it gets even better, Alex can't go. Too many people, too much noise, the flashing lights, the loud music... *sensory nightmare* even worse than mama's lullabies. So Alex is getting his first ever babysitter. A real one. My friend Rae agreed to come and hang out with him while I go watch my boy graduate from high school.

Life is good. :)

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