Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Brother

I know a lot of you have been worried about my brother since I disappeared for a while. Thank you for your thoughts, your prayers, and your messages. I appreciate that you care. He's doing good. He had surgery on his head last Monday to get the blood off of his brain and was released from the hospital Wednesday. I've been hanging out with the attention whore as much as possible, which is why I haven't been online much. He comes off of his precautionary seizure medicine Wednesday which means he'll finally be able to get us off his ass and he can stop milking this for all that it's worth ;)

I won't lie, there were some scary moments this week, but there were also some very good things that came of it. One thing that seems to have been bothering my brother a lot lately is that it's been many, many years since he's had his mother and all three of his sisters in the same room. That happened several times this week and it didn't turn into a show worthy of being featured on Jerry Springer...much, so woo for that. I have to admit, it was kind of nice. I've missed it, too.

I got a lot of 1:1 time with him this week, that was nice. He's pretty cool, you know. It's been a while since it was just the two of us with no kids, no distractions. Just listening to music and talking. I love him. Today, all four of us and a very good friend spent the day together. I'm hoping to be able to do it more often and considering another great thing that happened this week, that might actually be possible.

As a result of my brother's trip down the stairs, I found that my boys were able and willing to step up and help out. Thing1 even pushed aside his fear of hospitals to go visit his uncle. Thing2 and Walter worked together to cover their brothers when I couldn't be here. Several days this week, Thing2 got Alex and Goofy off of their buses and made sure Walter had things under control before leaving. Today, my husband took Goofy and the girl shopping with him while Walter watched Alex at home so I could be with my brother. A week ago, I would have been having a heart attack at the thought of leaving Alex and going so far away but by today, I didn't even feel the need to call home to check on things. I had no doubts Walter could handle it and that he would call me if he needed me. That is such a relief. It's such a relief to know that when these things happen, when there's a need, things can be taken care of well enough without me.

So, yeah, it's been a very rough week, but also a week that shows our blessings. Today, I am going to relax. Eventually I will do the dishes but I think the majority of the day will be spent just relaxing.

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