Friday, February 7, 2014

TGIF: a week in review.

I've been gone, I know. Right off the top of my head, I can't remember the last day I posted but I've been busy... SHOWERING! every day. Yes, that is as awesome as it sounds. For those of you who haven't gotten to that point yet, I am so sorry, I don't mean to rub it in. but please, be happy for me and let's hope it continues.

I do have some good news. I went principal hunting today and found one I was looking for. Remember Thing2 has a thing with his principal? Well, not so much. The principal is just playing. Trying to soften the blow of enforcing rules. He completely misread Thing2 as one of those kids he can jokingly blame because it's obvious that it's not him or something like that. Thing2 is not that kid, lol. I didn't tell him that Thing2 is still pissed at his Freshman Teacher for farting beside his seat because he's convinced she was farting AT him and it was totally on purpose. Oh, man. That still has to be my favorite of all his grudges. I'm still laughing. oh, my belly hurts. ok, so, the rest of the year should be a good year. Things will just click right into place and Thing2 never needs to know I chased his principal for any reason other than to explain why he was late. *fingers crossed*

and, this one 10 minute conversation has put me completely at ease about next year. I'm familiar with at least one of the secretaries now, and this principal is awesome. Thank God. I do still need to find a *cough* reason to talk to that new counselor, though. She's going to be an important one. I have no clue what I'm doing in this school or how to help Walter in high school since most of my high school days were spent not actually in the high school.

and then the conversation turns to Walter. (speaking of searching out principals.) Walter is having trouble with tests. awesome. What do you even do about that? I have no idea (this is me asking for suggestions if you have any, please.), so I e-mailed his principal. I love this man. He asked questions, I answered questions, he went silent. I like that because we can get to the point and when the point is done, I know he's doing something. I don't know what he's doing, but it's something and he will let me know.

Alex is wonderful. Since the semester started, all of his behaviors have been averaging 0. Yeah, that's not a typo, ZERO. Hopefully by the end of the year, we will collect enough evidence to keep someone again next year. Well, and maybe he will actually make real progress. Maybe even meet a goal, that would be nice. but mostly the keep someone thing. and through it all, I thank Jesus that he is never leaving this school and we will have mostly the same people until the end of days. (that is a dare for anyone to try. we ain't leaving.)

Goofy... OMG. that's all I got as I sit in the corner, rocking and pulling my hair, contemplating hexes. (Robin, you still got that voo-doo doll?) Good Lord, what does a woman have to do to get some freaking records!? ***disclaimer, I'm totally being a bitch as I blatantly paraphrase everything following this disclaimer*** Oh, you wanted records? My bad, that wasn't clear in your formal written request... either one of them... I can absolutely bring them to the meeting.             or, I could mail them if you really want. and this is me, not amused and reminding myself that my kids are extremely high maintenance and I can't afford even a mini-vacation right now.

I did finally get some data at that first meeting. "Oh, he's fine," they say. "Maybe the problem is you," they imply. Yeah, well AIMSweb says different. AIMSweb says,

  • Oral Counting- average- continue current program.
  • Number Identification- well below average- begin immediate problem solving
  • Quantity Discrimination- average- continue current program
  • Missing Number- below average- further assess and consider individualizing program
  • Letter Naming Fluency- well below average- begin immediate problem solving
  • Letter Sound Fluency- below average- further assess and consider individualizing program
  • Phoneme Segmentation- above average- consider need for individualized instruction
  • Nonsense Word Fluency- below average- further assess and consider individualizing program
I'm sure I'm misunderstanding and it's not as bad as it looks and it's probably just ADHD.

Wow, that spiraled quickly, didn't it? Ok, change of subject, my boys. Oh, my boys. Walter came in one day recently and says, "Mom, I want a haircut and I don't want Dad to do it. Last time Dad did it, the kids called me Dora and said I had a bowl cut." Reflex, I start singing, "Doo-doo-Dora, doo-do-do-Dora, Swiper no swiping, SWIPER NO SWIPING!" Alex laughed, Walter was not amused. But Goofy was. I forgot all about it by evening until Walter walked past us in the kitchen and Goofy started singing, "Dora the EXPLORER!" I started laughing so hard, Walter gave us both a dirty look and I think he actually cursed at us as he walked away. haha, and the superintendent thinks I have no idea how kids talk :) not that I'm harassing him. at all. nope. never. moving on...

um, then there was this morning. I had started wondering again if I have lost my mind. If the Goofy Child can actually do more than he does and if his problems are all in my head or all in my parenting.(yeah, you know. you do it, too.) I was pouring my coffee, thinking over things when the Goofy One yelled at me that I just had to see this! It was a Minecraft video, of course. I'm watching to see what is so awesome, when he points and says, "LOOK! It's the Arch of Libery!" the what? "The Arch of Libery, look at it! It has 60 windows." Oh, I love that boy. The Arch is in St Louis and has 16 windows in each side of the observation deck. The Statue of Liberty is what he was looking at- and it has 25 windows in the crown. True story, google it. But good to know Auditory Processing is fine and Number Identification is on target. Oh...wait... fuck it. I quit this post. Thank God it's Friday and summer is just 4 short months away.

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