Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Regular School vs Macaroni and Cheese

I was sitting with Alex at the kitchen table. He's been trying so hard recently to do everything on his own. Yesterday, he got mad at me for trying to feed him a cheeseburger. He glared at me, took it out of my hand, took a bite, and very carefully (in an FU fashion, considering he is his mother's child and all), very deliberately put his cheeseburger on his plate and then looked at me as if to say, *boo-yah* So, fine. You wanna play like that? we can so play like that. It's on.

Tonight, I sat his plate in front of him, put the cup on the right, the spoon under a light layer of mashed potatoes on the left and raised my eyebrows. *bring it* Little turd looked at me, grabbed that spoon, did an awkward swipe across his plate and did it his damned self.

Several minutes later, looking at the mashed potatoes piled around one side his plate, green beans on the other, spoon clenched in his hand as he tries so hard to get the green beans onto the spoon and then lifts it toward his mouth, just to drop half of it in his lap... I'm taken back to another time...

The day the Area Coordinator defended me in an argument over macaroni and cheese. True story, I couldn't make this crap up.

I don't remember if it was a DFS call or one of the usual bickering sessions but we're sitting in the conference room with... ah, it was the day that ended DFS calls. The Special Education Liaison person was there and the Area Coordinator, the principal and I'm not sure who else, but the school was upset that Alex wasn't using a spoon. At the time, we were really having a hard time, the only thing he could really feed himself with a spoon was yogurt. I was arguing ability and that there are just some foods that are frickin HARD, like macaroni and cheese, things like that, it just makes more sense to let him use his fingers. The Area Coordinator spoke up, "that's how my 1 year old eats macaroni and cheese." It took me a minute to decide if it was a slam against my parenting since Alex was 6 or 7, or if he recognized that Alex and his son were on the same developmental level. He got it. :)

I think about that day and I think, if he could see Alex now...

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