Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lockdown: Day 20

20 days ago, my boys started winter break. It started great and eventually spiraled into some twisted combination of Lord of the Flies and Children of the Corn. Lord of the Corn? Children of the Flies? Whichever way it goes, it's not good. Rioting in the basement, anarchy spreading throughout the house. Insanity. Goofy: "Don't touch it! I don't want to drink after you, I don't want to catch the Mexican!!" Alex: "Goodbye? Goodbye? Goodbeygoodbyegoodbye?" Thing2 and Walter... we're not even going there. I counted down to January 6th... and this happened...

Then in that blinding blizzard of hellfire, snowflakes pouring down like the incessant and unforgiving pelting of Sodom and Gomorrah, there was a promise of hope...

For Monday and Tuesday, school was called off around noon. Wednesday was Goofy's meeting at 8am. When I didn't hear anything by noon, I went ahead and started getting ready...

Yes, I'm sure I looked stupid clearing the grass. I don't care, that boy was going to school. He wanted goodbye, I wanted goodbye, I would look anyway I had to to get goodbye.

Later that evening, they called off school. Our meeting will be rescheduled.

Then yesterday, I got a Facebook update:

"The [Bleeping] School District -will- reopen on Thursday and classes will resume at their regular times. As always, the weather will be monitored overnight but there are no concerns at this time. Welcome back!!"

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! THANK YOU, JESUS!!!

We followed the evening routines, we packed and laid out backpacks and coats and such, we fought over bath time and the no TV at bedtime on school nights rule, I sent e-mails. an ungodly amount of e-mails. We were done fighting and asleep by 9pm, ready to wake up refreshed and catch some buses with smiles on our faces.


It's kind of fitting today that the ring tone my husband has set on his phone is a tornado siren. At 5:09am, the siren went off. "This is a message from the [bleeping] school district. All classes for today, January 9, have been cancelled due to inclement weather."

All kids were bright eyed, bushy tailed, and ready to bicker by 5:45am. Except Alex. Alex doesn't bicker. Alex knocks on the door repeatedly asking oh-so-pathetically for "goodbye."

Dear school, you suck.

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