Friday, January 24, 2014

I'm Up

Today is Friday. There are just 4 days left before Goofy's meeting and it feels like everything I have worked for is falling apart. A wasted effort. I'm still missing vital pieces of information. I still haven't gotten the records I requested repeatedly, a book I ordered still isn't here, I ran out of ink so I can't print up things on district policy or the requests I drafted. I still don't know the purpose of this meeting, and the answer to my questions is a riddle.

I was angry for a while. Determined. Focused. I knew what I wanted and I knew how to get it- in theory. Instead it's more a game of keep-away, where I'm chasing a ball that I'll never catch. In the course of a night, I've gone from angry to broken.

and then there's the message my friend woke up to this morning, "If you are ever having trouble finding one of your retards, check the nearest body of water. Lol" L.O.L. it's so fucking funny, isn't it? We work to spread awareness, to model acceptance, to ask for equality, and to show that our children and our friends are human beings and this is the response. This isn't an isolated incident. If you ever feel that you've made progress in your advocating, check the comment section. It'll set you straight, quick.

It's a constant battle. A battle for services, a battle for human rights. It never ends and when you think you've taken a few steps forward, something comes along to knock you back on your ass.

Then you have two choices... sit there and cry about it or get the fuck up and do something.

For the jackass who left that comment, screw you. I'm up.


  1. People who don't live the autism life just don't get it. They truly are just a bunch of ass holes. Good luck to you and your son.

  2. I cannot believe anyone would be so hurtful or idiotic. I truly despair that with all of the great work the blogging community is doing to raise awareness and work towards equality, that people are still so small minded and thoughtless. Sending you hugs, keep up the good work, there are more people working with you than against you and you are making a difference.