Sunday, December 29, 2013

Stop and smell the roses...

I was talking to Alex's principal around the beginning of break, asking about possibilities for my Goofy One, he did the best he could to answer my questions and point me to the right people and then he said, "Have a relaxing break and enjoy the kiddos." and I laughed. Relax. Enjoy the kiddos.  Right. Does he even know what's coming!? How in the world can I possibly relax and who has time to enjoy kids!?

...what's the point in having kids if you don't take the time to enjoy them?

Having serious things going can make you a serious person if you don't watch your step. Being a serious person isn't necessarily a bad thing, serious has a purpose, but when the serious takes over your life you lose sight of the lighthearted parts. The parts that make the serious worthwhile.

Friday night, I sat up and listened to Thing2 play Grand Theft Auto 5 with Goofy and the Little D. (Yes. Say something. I will write an entire post on why I don't censor what my children see and hear.) (Goofy tries to censor my language and the 2 year old already knows that mawmaw in the only woman in this house who gets to drop the F*bomb. That's good enough for me.) I watched my brother get so excited over their laughter and  how much fun they were having together he had to go buy another mic to feed into the insanity and play along with them. Listening to Thing2 get so into playing with his uncle, his 7 year old brother and his 5 year old cousin, listening to the little ones' happiness to be able to play with Thing2 and my brother, as if there were no one in the world who would be cooler to play with... the obvious love they have for each other... I have been blessed.

Last night when we went to the store, I decided to give Alex a chance to be just a regular almost 12 year old boy. I closed my eyes and jumped. I handed Alex to Walter and let them run wild- raising hell and causing a ruckus, as teen and preteen boys tend to do in stores without parental supervision. I'm not sure what raising hell and causing a ruckus consists of but I did spot Walter and Alex in the toy aisle, Walter on his knees picking up an entire display of compressed wash cloths stamped with various cartoon characters while Alex sat in his stroller and cackled at Walter's grinning and grumbling. When we met up at the cash register, Walter and Alex telling their tales of mayhem had the entire line smiling along at their craziness. The look of pride in Walter's smile and the excitement on Alex's face... totally worth any judgmental looks we could have gotten.

This morning, I woke up to find I forgot to set the coffee. I'm going through the motions, barely awake, and shook the old coffee grounds a little too hard over the trash can, a glob missing the can and hitting the floor. "damnit." My husband looks over, "I just cleaned that floor." I stood there with my brother, confused, both of us looking at the coffee grounds and looking around at the rest of the floor trying to find where it had been cleaned. We look at my husband, "No you didn't." He gets a cocky tilt to his shoulders and says, "well, if it's not the way you want it done, you can just do it yourself." My brother starts laughing, I looked at my husband, looked over at that laughing jerk, "Did he seriously just make fun of me?" Through his snorts of laughter and trying to catch his breath, my brother responds, "Yes. I believe he did."

Yeah, I think I need to take the time to enjoy them more often. Who cares what's coming due or what has to be done? These days only happen once, I don't want to miss a single one of them.

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