Friday, November 8, 2013

The best 3 minutes of my week came from Walter's "broken" finger.

I was putting quite a bit of effort into doing absolutely nothing today until I got a phone call from the middle school. The nurse is pretty certain Walter broke his finger. I call the girl's parents and throw a hoody and some shoes over Alex's pajamas, toss some toys, fruit loops, and Ibuprofen in my purse and race to my poor, broken baby.

Sitting in the nurse's office, waiting for Walter to get back with his stuff, the nurse is gushing over how awesome Alex is. She asks where he goes to school, "Will he ever come here?" God, I hope not. Someday, I am going to remember that you really shouldn't say those things out loud. Judging by the looks on their faces, I'd better start explaining.

No, I do not ever want Alex back in the regular school. The school he's in has everything he needs. In the school he's in, he has access to the entire school. He's able to go to music, library, PE, recess, the cafeteria, he is able to do actual work in the classroom. Alex's school is a school made for him and kids like him. Back in the regular school, he would be completely set apart from his peers because he is unable to do the things they do, even on a modified curriculum.

Alex's staff is amazing. Every time I go in there, I see staff walking the halls with kids. I don't know who they are but I see the way they treat the kids and I like it. I sit in the office and I see kids come in with their staff and listen to them talk to the secretaries.

I see the morning rituals of parents handing their kids over to staff, I see the principal running to help parents be ok with leaving their upset children in the hands of his staff, reassuring them that their child will be ok and if they're not, they will call them. I see him working so hard to try to do everything he can to put us at ease, to work with us, to take our concerns into consideration and then do something about it.

I see the assistant principal- the old one discussing Pinterest with me to help me relax before an IEP meeting, the new one doing everything he can to help us walk down the hall and not one single person there judging any of us. Not our parenting, not our kids.

Walking to and from my car, I can see the kids on the playground. Just a bunch of kids running wild together in a safe place.

In the support group, I hear what the other parents have to say, and the other parents love this school as much as I do.

Alex's school is just a regular school with exceptional staff, a school that has been modified to fit him.

The other nurse said, "I've heard that school was a good one." It is. She said, "I heard other parents say that if you have a chance to get your child in there, you'd better take it." You should. Alex's school is a good school. I don't ever want to leave there.

and, no, Walter's finger isn't broken. They think he dislocated it and then it popped back in on it's own. He's going to be hurting this weekend, though. Sad for him, but I feel good. :)

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  1. Glad it's not broke!!!! Also so happy to see a parent love a kiddo's school so much! Maybe I need to move?? :)