Monday, November 11, 2013

Goofy's evaluation: pre-game jitters.

Today is Goofy's psychological evaluation.

I'm nervous because almost 3 years of searching has lead up to this moment. This evaluation. The FINAL answer. It will set the path for where we go from here.

I'm nervous because I have been a crazy woman these past 2 years- fighting and yelling and demanding and well, you've been here. you know. I've been insane.

...what if I'm wrong? No, he can't read very well. He's getting some words but not grade level. and yeah, he has trouble writing but what if that's just fine motor skills? What if his trouble is typical? not uncommon? What if his trouble is a lack of appropriate instruction instead of a disability? What if it's my fault? What if I'm looking for something where it doesn't exist?

I don't really believe any of that to be true but still, I'm nervous because... what if?

Either way, this isn't the end of the road, one thing is for sure- my baby can't read, writing isn't working for him. One way or another, school evaluations will go on.

Any prayers, nice thoughts, or good vibes today would be appreciated. If you want to pray that we don't walk away with a diagnosis of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, I'd be grateful ;)


  1. I hope things go well for you, but unfortunately, this wont be the final answer. This will infact, likely be just the beginning of your journey. We too thought that we'd get a final answer from the school with a clear path to follow. But that wasnt, and still isn't the case. So remember that no matter the outcome of your meeting, that only you have the final answer, but that won't come until your son gives it to you.

  2. I hope all went well Mama, and I am willing to bet anything it's not just you. You know that boy better than anyone! Don't give up. Hugs <3