Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Goofy: Serial Killer in the making?

Oh, Lord. I knew. I posted a status update and I knew someone, somewhere would be horrified by my parenting choices. But I figured it was worth it because *I* thought it was funny as hell. They must have missed the post where the child named his hamster Jason Freddykrueger Screamwoods.

"We got a phone call from the school today. My husband hid in the bedroom with his phone so I wouldn't know he got the call and jump in to take over.

The counselor's problem: Goofy threatened to kill a kid today.

The threat: "Let's play Jason! I'll kill you and you kill me!"

Goofy doesn't see a problem but thinks whatever it is is my fault for recording the movie for him *because Dad says it's the movie's fault.

My husband thinks the problem is my parenting.

I think the problem is I didn't get written documentation of the "incident." How am I going to prove that my kid is so not normal when they don't send me documentation!?

I am GOING to the school tomorrow."

Let me note here that the post is partial sarcasm and total humor. Those 2 guys both really swear it's my fault, the counselor was  actually upset, I would love documentation of this because IT'S NORMAL!!!

So, let's move on to the comment...

"Wait - your schoolchild has seen Friday 13th? That's 18-rated for a reason.
Kids don't need to see this stuff because it comes out in their behaviour.
It's not the killing each other I have a problem with - all little boys do that - it's the serial killer reference point. If he was talking about Jason and the Argonauts, please forgive me."

Serial killer. hm. there's a thought. and here I always thought he would be an arsonist since he's also obsessed with fire... just like every one of his brothers before him. Oh, wait... and his uncle... his 2nd cousins... great uncles... shit, I wonder if that could possibly be normal, too?  No matter, let's move on to the question...

Yes. and not just "schoolchild"... my "7 year old" loves the movie. Also, as indicated in Jason the Hamster's name, Freddy. and anything zombies. Zombieland, Walking Dead, I don't even know what all he's watched because I can't watch them. Don't worry, he doesn't love all the classics, Michael Meyers is a douche.

He plays videos on youtube, one of his favorites is Jason and Freddy fighting and then Carrie comes and kills them both. Not that he knows who Carrie is yet, she's boring. His favorite video game is Black Ops 2: Nuke Town. (surprise: it's zombies)

I understand the worry, if this had been Walter, I would have freaked out and worried about his mental health. I would have been on the phone looking for some sort of therapy to fix my serial killer in the making. (not exaggerating. been there.) but Goofy is boy #5. We've been through this many, many times and I have learned it's normal...ish. especially when you only have older brothers who have older interests and an older brother with much younger interests.

Goofy has 3 teenage brothers and he has been watching "scary" movies with them for years. Not to mention, it's only been 13 days since Halloween but I do see his interests switching... last night, he was watching Minecraft with Christmas music. Even if his interests didn't alternate with the seasons, Jesus is always the ultimate hero because, in the words of my Goofy One, nothing is bigger, nothing is more powerful, and "nothing is scarier than Jesus." True story. Even demons tremble and beg for mercy at the sound of his voice.

Don't worry so much. Even if your child has strange and worrisome interests, you need to look at the whole picture before jumping to conclusions. Ask them.


  1. Saw the movie when it first came out. I think I was 13 at the time. Scared the crap out of me and I slept with my mum for weeks! When I finally moved back to my own bed, I looked under it for years to make sure Jason wasn't there! It sounds like Goofy is just playing fantasy and has no intention of becoming a serial killer. You can tell when you see pictures of his sweet face that he is super sweet and not narcissistic which is a main characteristic of most serial killers. Learned that on Criminal Minds! PEACE

  2. We've actually been told my oldest was on the verge of beign the creator of the next Columbine... he was maybe 9 or 10 at the time. My reaction was well what are YOU going to do about the bullying in YOUR school since that is why the Columbine kids killed. There was noone there to stop the bullying. It is why we have anti-bullying in schools now on such a major level. We ended up needing to move (this incident was only one of many many reasons for our move) but there has never been anything else said about it. We have 3 on the spectrum and many other Dx but that just erked me enough to where I wanted it in writing and take it to the school board (it was a principal who said it) but they would not and then it was my word against theirs. We have to continue to be our childs biggest advocate and we have to know our children better than anyone. If we are, then WE can TRY to get them the help they need before they do become a serial killer or the next Columbine. These are really serious allegations and unless the person accusing is willing to HELP I think they need to shut up. Just my opinion as a mom who has been there. <3 (((HUGS)))

  3. We are all different as parents and we know how to parent our children - what triggers them, what doesn't and what they understand and what they don't. There is nothing wrong with enjoying horror flicks - the important thing is the behaviors (outside of imaginary play) - you're a rock awesome mom and they are just jealous!!