Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Evaluations all over the place... and results.

The weekend was good, so good. I needed that. I thought, for a while at least, the darkness was gone, the storm was done. Until last night.

Last night, my good mood plummeted to the ground in a fiery crash- vacant hopes and broken dreams twisted into a heap of unrecognizable wreckage, the smoke rising from that burning pile of useless rubble was a dark cloud of anger and despair. Hopelessness, impotence. hopelessness...

Report cards are in.

The Goofy Child's ability to complete his work neatly (handwriting) is an "area of concern." His reading "needs improvement." His writing (content) "nears expectations" and everything else is fine. He's reading at a level 3 and by the end of term 2, level 6 would be meeting expectations. ...as expected.

Here's the trouble... He's behind...but I'm afraid not enough to qualify for help. Specific Learning Disability is one of the few that seem to require a severe discrepancy between ability and performance. If I remember correctly, Missouri's Department of Elementary and Secondary Education said 1.5 years. Nowhere near 1.5 here. If he doesn't qualify for an IEP yet, there is nothing I can do but sit and watch him fall further and further behind.

Letter reversals. I swear by all that's holy, one day, I think I'm going to snap. or cry. I think I'm about at the crying now.

I took Goofy to his Occupational Therapy evaluation today. She asks if I'm considering dyslexia because she noticed some letter reversals (congratulate me: I didn't say a word beyond "yes.") She thinks his constant movement (understatement) is more ADHD than sensory, maybe we ought to look at changing his meds. She thinks fine motor is a bigger issue than sensory. but, no, she doesn't think he needs a physical therapy evaluation because she thinks those troubles are sensory. I feel like my Goofy Child did when I accidentally connect my t and i, "what IS that!? What does it even say!? I CAN'T READ IT!" He starts OT every other Thursday beginning Dec 12. Which is also the day she'll give me a written report- maybe I'll understand that better.

Then came The Results.

Good News:

It's NOT *just* ADHD...

It's *SEVERE* ADHD- combined type with executive function deficits and a resulting IQ in the 5th percentile. Not because his IQ is in the 5th percentile, but because his ADHD makes it *look* like his IQ is in the 5th percentile- or, borderline intellectual disability.

Which, in her opinion, more than qualifies him for an IEP.


Bad News:

Absolutely every single one of the 25 suggestions listed...

are already being done.

with the sole exception of psychotherapy.

I cried my way home. Tears of relief. Finally, I have everything I need to get the child an IEP. Maybe once we have the IEP, we can still make goals for reading and writing. He can get OT through school. It'll be ok. Everything will be ok now.

Except... we've gone from Alex being pissed about me leaving for 2 1/2 evenings per month, dropped down to 1 1/2, went back up to 2 1/2 (with the 1/2 being the middle school PTA meetings every other month) and then said to hell with it, let the boy suffer, and added OT every other week and psychotherapy (potentially) once a week for a grand total of (potentially) 8 1/2 nights per month. Go me. awesome parenting strategy.

As for his reading trouble... it must be the ADHD. Writing? Must be the ADHD.

Writing doesn't matter, anyway. Her mother has horrible handwriting. It's ok. Even though it's the one area everyone agrees is a major concern... no biggie.

...why, yes, that is an alcoholic beverage beside my computer... how did you even know!?

Eh, whatever. OT already has at least one good idea- highlight the bottom part of the writing line to show him where to keep the lowercase letters :) Love it.

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  1. I am right there with you on the need for evals, yet the dread of seeing results and the stress of trying to figure out where the heck you go from here. One step at a time, he'll get there. One. step. at a time. I have stacks of evals sitting next to me as well and I get overwhelmed every time I try to sift through to determine where our focus needs to be. I hope this does mean you can get him on an IEP. Keep it up, momma!