Saturday, October 26, 2013

Updates: Reading/Writing/Bad Kids

Things have been a little wild since the start of the year. So many things going, I just don't know where to start and then by the time I figure one out, we've moved on to a new problem before I even get to tell you what happened. Today, I want to tell you about a few of them.
First is the Goofy Child's writing. Where do I even start? We (by "we" I mean that effing man I married) made a goal to practice writing every night to reach the goals that me 'n' the Goofy One made at school to consistently ground his letters and to use capitalization and punctuation. His teacher sent home a whole folder full of paper for him to practice on. Remember his freak out that came with the request for him to copy a few sentences? Yeah. But then, remember my freak out about not knowing how to practice spelling words? Yeah! The Goofy Child is now copying each spelling word one time. With no complaint. The letters aren't grounded in the least little bit and they are still mostly illegible BUT he's writing them. This week, that's all I care about. We'll work on improving next week.
Second is the Goofy One's reading. His teacher sent home a stack of printed level aa and A books for Goofy to practice reading. He reads one to one of us each night and then I read him a book. When we went to the library... Monday? we picked out 10 non-fiction books. He hasn't once complained about the book I'm reading being boring or stupid. *woot*
Last is the collective behavior of my beloved legion of evil. Enough is e-freakin-nough and I won't stand for it for another minute! I'm DONE.

Walter was the first to test me. and lose.

Walter, take the trash out, please.
Take the trash out.
and then take the laundry downstairs.

He knows I'm going to keep adding to the list so he gets the trash to take it out and slams the door as hard as he can on the way. He comes back in and I tell him to give me his phone. He is now phoneless for the weekend which means he's stuck at home. with me. and his brothers. without his friends who don't like my rules. or his pesky brothers. Sucks to be him.

By the end of the night I wanted to strangle these heathens so freaking bad. I can't believe this crap! This whole month, it's been horrible... within seconds of me laying down the law, I have an entire house full of nice, cooperative, well behaved angel babies who are perfectly willing to work together with nice words to solve conflicts, to put themselves in time out in their rooms to calm down, to do their chores with no objections and actually want to spend time together at the supper table. Walter even went so far as to initiate saying grace! Seriously? What the hell? Where are my children!?

This morning, I'm feeling a little better about it. Oh, there they are! my demon seed. Having to give reminders on expected behavior makes me feel so much better. means possibly, they weren't tormenting me for an entire month+ just because they could.

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