Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The insomnia that comes with Stupid Decisions that the school didn't make...

You know those things you look back on and wonder what in the world you were thinking? Yeah, I have more of those moments than I would like to admit to.

I said I was going to do something and now I'm freaking. bad. Up at midnight-can't sleep-freaking.

Wednesday is the reading workshop at the Goofy One's school. They have specialists coming in and everything. I really need to go to this one because I'm getting conflicting information on where he should be. I need real information. something.

Wednesday is also the SSD's ASD/AS/PDD resource fair. I would LOVE to go but Goofy's my 1st priority this night.

Wednesday is also the middle school's Parent/Teacher conferences.

The principal has an AWESOME solution... conferences start at 4, reading workshop starts at 6. I can go at 4! I'll just take the kids with me! Freaking BRILLIANT!

Until I lay down.

and realize exactly what that means.

Walter has to go to help me with Goofy and the girl. Alex will be great, Fruit Loops will buy his cooperation. I was laying there debating between food and coloring to keep the girl occupied when out of the corner of my mind's eye, I saw the Goofy One.

Goofy is the reason Walter and the girl are going. I could almost be ok leaving Walter home with the girl... almost... but no one can watch Goofy. They can't handle him. even on medication. and during the conferences, while I'm supposed to be listening to the teachers and being there for Walter, Goofy will be spinning in circles, chatting at strangers, touching them and asking wildly inappropriate questions. I will ask him to come back and he will ignore me, Walter will get embarrassed and go try to catch him and bring him back which will make Goofy scream and run farther away and all the while, I can't walk away from Alex because he won't have his stroller. (First person that suggests I learn to be a real parent and discipline my child, wins themselves a free kid. Just saying.)

uh-huh, raising *just* ADHD awareness, one parent/teacher conference at a time. Go, me. :/

but, whatever. Gotta do what you gotta do. That's not the part that has me hyperventilating and giving up on sleep. This is...

How in the hell am I going to get Alex back down all of those stairs!?


  1. Wow! I really hate other peoples solutions to our everyday problems! I am dealing with a doozy at this moment! No one has offered even a hint of a solution. Guess I am on my own on this one.

  2. Does he like slides? I hold Goob's hand and let him scoot down them like a slide sometimes. Sure, it encourages behavior, but it helps make sure kid and Mom don't end up at the bottom of a flight of stairs with broken somethings,

  3. Curious - why no stroller for A? I'd drag a stroller for 4 if I had the money.