Tuesday, October 29, 2013

That was scary.

Yup. One of those moments, I'm happy to say.


Remember yesterday when I was very worried about what was going on with Alex's IEP stuff? Yeah. Longest day of my freaking life. We finally got it cleared up, though. We're following the timeline for evaluation-

The prescription for physical therapy evaluation was the initial request for evaluation. They have 30 days to decide if there is a need for evaluation.

After that meeting, they have 60 days to determine eligibility.

If he is found to be eligible, they have 30 days to write the new IEP.

and then they have 10 days to put the IEP to use.

(I would like to note again that 30+60+30= 120. it's a 120 day timeline. I'm not freaking crazy. well...whatever.)

His teacher says that it won't take that long, but with this school, I'm not worried about the time as much as I am the process. I'm worried about my role and what will happen at which meeting. Knowing what to expect takes a lot of the pressure off and reassures me that they are following some set of rules and knowing the rules we are playing by puts me at ease because I don't have to guess at what is coming or exactly at which point they are going to rip the chair out from behind me.

I know I've said I have trust issues, but those trust issues were earned. This school is a good school but that doesn't change the fact that when I'm tapped on the right shoulder, I'm automatically going to look to my left.

That's also not going to stop me from hoping for the moon ;)

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