Saturday, October 12, 2013

Reading Workshop and Goofy's Report Card

I signed up for this workshop because it's given by reading specialists. Including the one who works with my Goofy Child. Specialists have to have good information, right? They have to be able to tell you what to do? They have to be better than Google, they're specialists for goodness sake! So, I'm going.

(Hey, did you know that "supplemental reading services" is remedial reading!? True. I heard it at the workshop.)

The first thing I hear is, "read to him." I swear by all that's holy, one more person tells me to "just read to him" and to not be afraid to read the same book over and over, they're likely to get smacked in the face with Bad Kitty.

Now, I can understand why these are on the list because it hasn't been all that long since I found out that I didn't have to make him help me read, reading TO him was just as good, but, damnit! it's NOT working!

Read regularly. Read out loud. read directions. Read recipes. Read environmental print. This one was interesting- get picture books and ask him to tell you a story based on the pictures. Sit next to each other and let him follow the story, let him turn the page. Use funny voices, make it into a game. Read expressively. Have guest readers- if they go visiting, send a book with them for someone else to read.

You don't have to read at their level, listening skills are generally higher than reading skills- you can read chapter books. (anyone know something scarier than Mostly Ghostly stories that will catch his interest but not give ME nightmares? Would Goosebumps be right up there with the Zombie movies, Freddy and Jason?)

Let him pick out his own books. Let him choose what he's interested in. Oh, because I totally forced him to check out nonfiction books on weather, snakes, and cats giving birth because I enjoy them. Ok.

I'm frustrated. I've already tried all of that and it's NOT working! Give me something new, dangit!

Then, like magic... like mind reading... something new!

Go Fish.

You write the sight words or spelling words on index cards and play go fish! That's exciting! We can do that!

OMG. I just re-read what I wrote... Goofy likes nonfiction books. He has no use for imagination. He doesn't pretend beyond his special interests of war, zombies, and Power Rangers with the simple theme of fighting. and being a literal thinker, facts are easier to process than story lines. Of course he doesn't like fiction books. Well, would you look at that- something new.

anyway,  Goofy's reading specialist will be going to Goofy's parent/teacher conference. She says Goofy is doing really good. *suspicious look* he is? Oh, yeah. he's getting more confident and seeing that he can actually do some things. Well, shit. If he's doing so well and making so much progress... did I not try hard enough? Is something I did or didn't do the reason he was so far behind? *failure*

I came home to look through the backpacks I didn't get a chance to look through before I left and see that Alex had a great day. He only dropped once. Considering the fact that I had just e-mailed his teacher that very morning a warning that that kid was freaking BAD... *failure*

I get to the Goofy One's backpack and see the 2nd notice on his parent/teacher conference. I meant to say no or warn her I would be late on the first one but I lost it. *failure*

Then comes the manila envelope...

Let me tell you, I have never been so happy to see such a crappy report card in my life.

Plenty of areas of concern and needs improvement and a note on the back: "Goofy is reading at level 1. At the end of term 1, a level 4 is considered meeting expectations."

Thank you, Jesus! I'm not crazy. and it's not the ADHD. and apparently, the 504 isn't working.

*in yo face! dance*

Now to get my butt in gear on evaluation questionnaires, Section 504, Procedural Safeguards, and IDEA. again. and then to find out what you actually DO about it once you have the IEP.

Anyone have an IEP for Specific Learning Disability? What kinds of things do you have in yours?


  1. you GO mamma bear!

    Our IEPS are not for SLD---- I've got one AU and one AU and OHI. Sorry I can't be of more help. My kids are awesome readers and I'm sure your Goofy is awesome at a lot of stuff my kids SUCK at. Like waiting patiently without throwing shoes at my head--- lol. I like the Go Fish idea. What about playing "memory" with sight words? what about coloring in sight words? He's focused on the letters as he's coloring them? (you make big bubble letters for him to color). Hope that's somewhat helpful. OH---- when my kids were learning to read and I would read to them I'd STOP at the last word of a sentence and make THEM say the word--- even if it was because they had the word memorized. But I'd point to the word as they said it...... that could be helpful too.

  2. Thank you! I'm not sure about the memory game, but it's worth a try. The coloring sight words is awesome, he's really into coloring and his teacher suggested a nightly coloring activity to build strength in his hand- that would be great.

    At the workshop, they gave me a book about cats. On one page is a whole story line and on the alternate page is a 3-4 word sentence for him to read, I loved it and he had no problem filling in the words. :D

  3. DIY madlibs? Make them about his interests (zombies, power rangers, wars..... power rangers fighting zombies??), and then laugh and giggle.