Saturday, October 5, 2013

Procrastination with a HUGE reward.

Nap Time!!! *woot-woot* (read that in the hump day camel's voice, please.)

This weekend I am working hard. I am putting every ounce of effort I have into doing anything but what I'm supposed to be doing.

A while back, I don't remember when, I got a packet of papers in the mail that I am supposed to fill out and take to the Goofy Child's evaluation appointment. This pack of papers, *sigh*, you know the ones. I have filled these papers out so many times for so many people... I just don't want to. Not because they are really hard- which they are, by the way. I'm still stuck on the strange behavior question from the first thousand packets. "Strange" by what standards? and which parts would be considered "strange" enough to note? anyway, not because they are hard but because as soon as I fill them out, it starts all over again with the medical evaluations, educational evaluations.... you know the drill. It's rough. and I'm so tired. so tired.

So, I ran out of candy crushing lives, and most of the house is clean, and blogs are read, and letters are drafted, and teams are picked and I'm all... huh. Now what? There must be something urgent around here...

So, I'm looking at bracelets online when my chat bell dings. OH!!! That sounds urgent! So, I go looking and Courtney nominated me for Babble's 100 Best Blogs of 2013!


That's me!
Am I going to make the list? Lol, probably not, I'm not that great :) but that doesn't even matter, I was NOMINATED!!! because someone thought enough of me and my blog to think we deserve to be on a list. That is huge :D
Ok, that's all I wanted. I think maybe there are some dishes that desperately need washing... or the cat looks pretty lonely...  ;)

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  1. Silly Mama. You deserve to be on that list, and to make the top 100. That would be because you are awesome. Now, go see if you have and lives for Farm Heroes. Or may be a friend ahem ahem might need some. ;)