Monday, October 14, 2013

Poor "tired" Alex.

Alex's aide says he had a good day today. except he was tired.

tired. *snort*

freaking little monster. I wonder WHY he's tired.

Things have been a little rough these past few days. This week's goal is survival. I have an Alex induced almost-migraine. The light/sound sensitivity with a solid ache that isn't full blown excruciating pain (yet. give him time. Remember my post, Is This It? ).

I'm really starting to hate Avenged Sevenfold. I'm sorry, Rae, but the Goofy One's pushed me to it. over and over and over... this one-

and then, even worse... taking the computer away doesn't fix it because he recorded it on my phone with crappy mic/speakers which adds in a whole bunch of static and I don't even know. It's bad. then when I finally got him to shut it off, we're sitting there at the table, eating in the almost dark and Goofy sighs, "mom, this macaroni and cheese tastes like last week." Well, it's last night's so close enough. eat it or starve.

Bed time because I just can't take another minute. I just can't fight them right now so they are just going to bed with the TV on. I don't even care. except Alex. Alex is all... mom. mom. mom. mamamamamama. goodbye? goodbye, goodbye, goodbye? *motor boat* *flapflapflap* you know, when I picture other kids flapping, I picture it being quiet. individual hands out to each side, flapping away. Not Alex, no, that would be too quiet. his hands flap together. *chicachicachicachica* flappy-clapping. then run to the window, *knockknockknock*, back to the wall *thump* *motor boat* *flap-clap* mamamamamama, goodbye!? all freaking night long, every freaking night. and then as if that weren't noisy enough... one of these demon spawns sneaked him clappy hands!!!!

Why won't these things GO AWAY!?!? Every time I hear them, I hate BounceU even more and I can't purposely throw them in the trash because Alex loves the damned things.

Homework? Not a chance. We'll do it tomorrow. or take the missing assignment. (just don't tell Walter)

and yes, we tried Melatonin. several times.  ;)


  1. -_- NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOO! IF I CANT " Just take a missing assignment " THEN YOU CANT ~ Walter -_-

  2. Tired is my son's aide's favorite adjective...or adverb. Whatever it is. If he sends home one more note saying that he "seemed tired today," I may snap. Karate chops may be administered.