Thursday, October 24, 2013

Effin ADHD

Irony: I'm trying to write a post on ADHD and I can't sit still or focus enough to gather my thoughts. Ahhhh, geez. best part? I scheduled a parent/teacher conference tonight. *curse words*

While I work it out, I found this much better post by Suburban Mama called ADHD, medication, and a different view. Go read that.


To think straight, I need to move. Whether it's my fingers on the keys or cleaning the house or pacing, rubbing the sticker on my lighter, where the pen cap meets the pen, the emblem on my coffee cup, bouncing my foot, shifting in my seat... I need to have my body moving to focus my thoughts. When my thoughts are focused, my body moves. There are no quiet hands, no work ready hands. No be still and pay attention. There is no way to do both.

There are times that I just need my mind to STOP. I need something to occupy my brain to where I just don't have to think. Puzzles. Candy Crush and Farm Heroes ;)  Music to drown out my thoughts, much like blasting the radio to drown out the temper tantrum in the back seat. TV at bed time to listen to something besides my own brain. If something's not going, I can't sleep. When my body is still, my mind goes where it wants to go- that's not always a pleasant experience. This is one reason I let my kids play so many video games and youtube videos and crazy-ass music. I get it.

There are times that I need the world around me to just stop. When I put too much effort into things like meetings... I spent 2 hours in Walter's school for parent/teacher conferences. 2 hours. By the end, I was overwhelmed and acting purely on instinct. I just couldn't think anymore. LOL, I ducked from the principal. so embarrassing. By the end of that 2 hours, I just couldn't take anymore. I don't like to be touched anyway, and when it's someone I don't know it's even more uncomfortable, and when I'm overwhelmed it goes from being able to tolerate it to don't fucking touch me. I'm sure, looking back, that's not what he was going to do but, instinct, I ducked. That's 2 hours. I couldn't imagine 8+. No wonder Alex needs time in his room when he gets home. No wonder Walter is cranky with his brothers. No wonder Thing2 disappears and Goofy bounces off the friggin walls.

Then there are days, like today, that none of that helps. Nothing helps. Not the coffee, not the caffeinated headache pills that I take before important meetings, not the moving, not the mind stopping games or the music, not the silent admonition to focus, damnit! I'm a mess. These are the days that e-mails like, "he just needs to be more responsible with the next chapter." make me want to shank a ho. "Just be responsible." "Just pay attention." "Just listen." "Just remember it." sounds so friggin easy, doesn't it? uhg. Back on topic...

Goal: Alex will increase attention to task following sensory input for 5 minutes on 2/3 dd

Objective 1: Alex will attend to task following sensory input for 3 minutes.

Objective 2: Alex will identify 5 new preferred activities.

Measure by: Sensory Exploration - Observational Charting

Baseline: Alex's attention to task varies at this time. He has not established a variety of preference within the classroom setting.

Progress: Alex continues to explore new sensory input. He has seemed to like several including an adapted trike and the bungee chair. His reaction to other types of input has been inconsistent. His attention to task continues to vary.

The purpose of this goal was to determine the reason for his inattention. If you have a student with both epilepsy and diabetes... treating the epilepsy is not going to control the diabetes. Alex is autistic. He also has ADHD Combined Type = both inattentive and hyperactive.

Apparently, it's not the autism. That means it's time to start working on ADHD interventions instead of just the common autism ones. Medication is not an option for Alex for many reasons but mostly because he chews anything that goes in his mouth. Concerta is not chewable.

So, I went looking for ideas and ended up finding out that if you swallow gum, it does not stay in your stomach for 7 years and swallowed watermelon seeds to not really grow watermelons in your belly.

I think I'm going to put this hunt off until tomorrow.

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