Monday, October 7, 2013

Bad Goofy, Poor Jason

First of all, I have a serious question... can you give a hamster a bath? He needs one. desperately. Poor little guy.

Hamsters should be in their cage. or rolling around on the floor in a cozy little hamster ball. But not Jason. Oh, no. That would be too easy.

Jason is rolling around in mud and climbing on mud balls, and being carried around in the little hands that made the mud balls, and being passed back and forth over the back fence between Goofy and the neighbor girl to perform death defying acts of God knows what sort. How does he get out there, you ask? I don't know. Goofy is a pro at sneaking him places he shouldn't go. I'm thinking about doing a strip search every time he walks out the door.

When he's not outside getting filthy, he's in the house getting filthy. splashing in mud puddles on the bathroom counter and such. I swear to you, I have had to scream, "Give me that effing hamster, he does not want to visit with the turtle!!!" no less than 50 times this weekend.

Jason has come to like hiding my pocket. I dry him off and tuck him in, he rubs up against my hand, probably trying to get the wet and yuck off, and then curls up in a ball to try to sleep while he has the chance.

 and I've started checking the cage before Goofy leaves for school. I really don't need that phone call.

To the reader I love the most... if there happened to be an anonymous call made to the ASPCA, I would understand. *hint hint* because I'm not flushing him.


  1. ROTFLOL PMS !!! Maybe he could escape....?.. Run away...taking his food with him? good grief girl my daughter took very good care of hers & it died on it's own...ever think he likes it lol just kidding. I'd offer to take it off your hands...but no I forgot...I hate vermin....still think he'd have better odds if you flushed him;) but at any rate I'm no squealer...(pun intended) can make the call anonymously ....