Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Alex's Hat

This story starts 2 years ago with...
Once upon a time, we were trying to brush Alex's teeth without a full body wrap and a headlock.
His Occupational Therapist worked long and hard to desensitize him to vibration. She started with using a vibrating toy on his hands until he accepted it and then moved inch by inch up his arms to his head. The goal was to reach his face and, eventually, get into his mouth.
Until the day his Occupational Therapist was kidnapped by the Wicked Warlock of the Special School (just kidding, he's sweet. and I don't even know why she disappeared or who's to blame.) and replaced with ... let's just leave that alone. but, it was continued at home.
After a while, hair cuts became just a little bit easier. long as you stay away from his ears and face because we haven't gotten that far yet. although, he is chewing on toothbrushes. sort of. We're still at the full body wrap/headlock phase of tooth brushing right now.
Alex has a thing with hoods, which always makes me sigh. He does not want anything but my hand  on his head no matter how cold it is.
...until a few weeks ago, when this happened...
True story. I have pics to prove it. I took TONS. because it was HUGE.
(Ignore the look on his face. He loves to give me dirty looks. I blame his age ;) ) 
But then, this morning, something happened that was even BIGGER.

Yes, that is a real hat actually sitting on his head without being yanked off and thrown. and it wasn't just for a few seconds, he wore it onto the bus!


Now to get him to let people touch his skin again... *sigh*


  1. I'm so smiling right now!!!

    And giggling as I think about how Declyn dislikes taking OFF his hat! It makes him feel hidden...

    Hip, hip, hooray Mama and Alex!!!!

    1. LOL, I have to laugh at the being hidden because I so get that ;) I love my hoods and sunglasses.