Monday, October 21, 2013

Alex: It's the little things

Putting Alex to bed is not an easy thing to do. I can't put him in the bed, I can't cover him up, I can't sit with him, I can't touch the bed. I have to wait until he's asleep and try to sneak in, which usually wakes him up and we start all over. There are times that all I can do is stand at the gate and look at him, hope he doesn't freeze to death in the night and wish that I could cover him up.

Earlier this summer, I happened to be standing outside his room to witness a beautiful moment. He was kneeling in the floor with the blanket behind him. He reached down with both hands to grab the blanket and bring it up around his shoulders before laying on his belly in the floor and popping his thumb in his mouth. My baby learned to cover himself up!

After that day, when I get his bed ready, I scrunch the blankets down just a little to give him room to grab them and pull them up on top of him. He's been covered up every night since.

Last night, I got up to investigate some clanking and banging noises (Goofy on his way to my bed). Walking past Alex's room, I hear a faint, "mama? mama?" I look over the gate to see a half asleep Alex huddled up at the doorway in his diaper with no blankets. "Come on, my baby, back to bed." He let me help him up and dived into his bed. Once he picked the spot he was going to lay, I put his pillow down. He lay on his pillow, I covered him with his sheet and reached down for his blanket. "Yeah. yeah. yeah." I covered him up, and kissed his head. "Goodnight, my baby."

For the first time since he was small, I was able to put my son to bed and tuck him in.

This morning, I peeked in on Alex to see him still in his bed, still covered up, sucking his thumb looking at me groggily. I lay his clothes outside his door and take the Goofy Child's clothes to him. Walking back out of my room, I see Alex's clothes disappearing under the gate. I look over the gate to see Alex sitting there with his bus harness in hand, pulling. He looks up at me and says firmly, "Come on, come on, come on. Goodbye." Well, Ok, then. Bossy boy :) I love it.

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