Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Adventures in Math

You know the relief that comes with having an easy school? Where you don't have to beg or cry or fight? No fit throwing, no demanding? No need to examine every move that is made? I just found that feeling this morning. I gotta tell you, it feels good.

Alex's school is easy to work with, but there is still a lot of work. The Goofy One's school... has good intentions... moving on..

Walter has trouble in math. I have no doubt what-so-ever that this one is rightfully my fault. I haven't worked too hard with him on math because neither one of us really know what we're doing. Take the ADHD leading ADHD and throw in an astounding inability to do math, you end up with a hot mess. His math teacher is insisting he learn his math facts. Fine. I gave it a shot. He says he knows all the way up to the 4s. ok,

"What is 4x7?"

He says, "Well, I don't know 7s. I know the 4s."

"This is the 4s. 4x7."

"Oh, 24." "wait...32."

um... is it? which is it? either? shit. I don't know. I'm looking around the room and it seems no one knows the answer. Well, crap. That didn't work. e-mail, it is. So, I clicked on my yahoo tab and sent out a bat signal. My Mystery Man is gone. He moved on to being the big boss of his own school so the only person I really know, like, and trust in this school enough to CC them on my parent/teacher e-mails is the principal. Poor guy.

So, I e-mailed the math teacher and the principal asking where to get help because Walter tried the tutoring and it was to get help with homework. He doesn't need help with homework, he needs help with math.

Late yesterday morning, his math teacher called me. (yeah, on the phone. *sigh* but I think I got most of it.) The tutoring he's going to Mon-Thurs can help with math, she can give him a note that he needs to work on math skills instead of homework. Again, she has him in advisory and he can get extra help there. Also, his math teacher (I think) from a past year hosts tutoring on Wednesdays. He can opt to go to her class instead of the A+ tutoring. Walter's excited about that.

That's not all.

This morning, I went in to drop Walter's meds off because he didn't heed my 10,000 warnings that if he couldn't be responsible enough to take his medication in the morning, I was taking it to the nurse to give him in the mornings (where his mother was each morning that he "forgot" almost a month's worth of pills is totally irrelevant.) which was a whole 'nother episode in how mom sucks at math. "Mom has 30 pills. The nurse has 8 pills. How many pills does mom need to give the nurse to make it through the month?" fuckin' word problems. I hate math.

(Don't tell the Goofy Child, he's the only one so far who's doing good with it.)

which, wasn't even the point. I saw the principal while I was there. Usually on my way out of the buildings, I stop back by the offices to wave- letting them know I'm leaving. This morning, it's the principal who acknowledges my wave but then catches me before I head out the door. He heard what I said in the e-mail and he is on it! They will do everything they can to help Walter. He has a plan, she has a plan and he is going to talk to Walter. Walter has 20 weeks to get this stuff down before heading to high school and they are going to make sure he has the support he needs every step of the way.

High School. We're not even going there right now. Right now, I am going to bask in the feeling of being able to leave my boy in capable and willing hands. He's ok. They got this.

Hopefully, by the time he gets there, Walter will be able to teach Goofy math facts.