Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Welcome Message

I've been neglecting my blog lately. Like, the business part of it. Lord knows I talk enough to never be accused of neglecting the writing part. Nothing shuts me up... which is why I started blogging in the first place- as a favor to my husband ;) anyway, so I'm sitting here, still not filling out papers. The kids are in bed and my husband's at work and I'm just about out of entertaining things to do. I'm bored. So, fine. I'll check out things I haven't checked out in... a while.

I have 40 connections on LinkedIn now. still no clue what it is. but I'm there. and I have connections. Anyone know what to do with those connections? anyone? anyone?

I've made $0.12 so far this month for hosting ads. $0.82 last month. Mhmm, be jealous.

I lost my login info for Blogher, must have forgotten to write it down. oops.

Twitter still confuses the hell out of me. all those people screaming at the same time. I subscribe to certain ones to come to my phone but haven't taken the time to figure out how to respond through text messaging yet.

I wasn't bored enough to read any of the 20,000 google alerts I have saved up so I just deleted them.

Autisable is down for site maintenance. No wonder they haven't e-mailed me that they published any of my posts for a while.

and then...

Remember how nothing shuts me up?

Google Analytics.

I'm read world-wide with US, Canada, and Australia being my leading countries according to Google Analytics and The US then the UK with Australia following China according to Blogger. I get frequent hits in all 50 states. but Missouri? Not so much.

apparently, I have gone from getting regular hits from my aunt and a few friends to an explosion of hits starting 2 months ago. and the majority... are close to or in our school district. *fuck*

My first thought was... shit, who do I need to apologize to? Remember last year when I was a little bit upset about one of Goofy's IEP meetings and said a thing or two and got a phone call from his teacher? That wasn't fun.

Luckily, from what I can remember, aside from Alex's principal, I think I learned my lesson on that one.

No calling people names. even if it's true. check.

You can mock the behavior, you can mock the situation, you can mock the conversation, you can mock reality... but you can't mock the person. check. I think... I'm claiming it, anyway.

so, cool. but...

You know those dreams where you show up naked to class and everybody is staring at you and you can't figure out why until you look down and see you have no clothes on? Yeah, there are quite a few people here who know me pretty intimately while I have no freaking clue who they could be. I think my anonymous blog backfired.

I'm on stage. a dancing monkey. Might as well throw up a pole. Then Walter won't be able to punch his friend in the mouth for jokingly accusing his beloved mama of being a stripper. Hm, there's a silver lining- my new profession will eventually save me some money even if Walter doesn't get his head out of his ass and learn to use his words, can't fight the truth, right? or at least I'll start getting paid in ones instead of pennies and I'll be able to afford to bail him out.

so then I'm thinking, crapcrapcrap!! I'm really going to have to start watching what I say. Straighten up and act normal.

Unfortunately, we've already gone that route, too. I'm going to have every intention of straightening up and then I'm going to forget people are seriously reading and I'm going to do whatever the hell I want to do anyway. Besides, these people have been reading for 2 months now. They've already seen what there is to see and still they keep coming back and bringing friends with them. so, *shrugs*, roll with it.

Hi!!! Welcome! Come on in, get comfortable, look around.

If you look over to the right, there are many great things to keep you up on the latest escapades like my Facebook and Twitter buttons- like I said above, Twitter confuses the hell out of me but I'm there.

You can follow by e-mail which means all of my posts go directly to your inbox the day they are posted, depending on the time they are posted, but you're still going to have to follow the link to read any comments that are eventually left.

You can subscribe by feed, I don't really know what that means, but you can do it.

There's my e-mail address if you have something to say or ask that you don't want to say out loud- if you could refrain from arguing the cliché arguments of person first language (I will most certainly put your child first if you'd like, but Alex is autistic. My kid, my rules.) or suggesting indecent things, I would appreciate it.

The blog archive is an easy way to look for old posts you might be interested in. Don't go too far back, please. There's a big difference in my writing between when I started and today. Also a big change in my views. and my attitude.

Looking down, you will find the option to click a button to leave your reaction- totally anonymous- I think I gave you every option you need- helpful, like, dislike, been there.

and finally, comments. you can comment as you, as a fake profile, as an anonymous entity but I'm not going to hear what you have to say if you don't speak up either here or on the page... or Twitter. but you're probably not going to hear back from me on Twitter until I figure out how to respond to tweets.

The one thing I ask is if you happen to know me or my kids, keep in mind that this is a mostly anonymous blog and every layer of anonymity is there to protect them and to protect our school district since I talk so much about both of them. The things I talk about happen across the nation, around the world. The things I say are not unique to me or my kids or our schools. Pay attention to the names, please. Thank you.

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