Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Walter's Curriculum Night/Open House

I so needed this night, you don't even know! That girl, Good Lord... that's all I've got, a plea for mercy. All you mamas and papas of toddlers... RESPECT. serious.

Anyway, by the time 6 pm rolls around, I'm happy dancing out the door with Walter. This whole dump the heathens on an unsuspecting victim for an evening out, it's so working for me. I like it. While I was gone, my husband fed the little vultures, helped the Goofy One with his homework except for the last problem because by then he was just too tired to do it, and put them all to bed before I got home. I love that man. and, oh, the stories he has to tell now, lol. I love it.

Ok, enough of the bragging and smirking, let's get on with the good stuff.

We pulled up to the school and found a great parking spot, *woot* for the rush to abandon my children getting us there 30 minutes early :) Walking up to the doors, I'm getting nervous. breathing. (think The Little Engine That Could) We start through the doors and seeing people, I mutter to Walter, "Duck and run,"  then proceed to put my head down and bolt for the gym. Out of the danger zone, I glance around and find my kid 10 steps behind me looking bemused. "What, you thought I was joking?" He laughed, we walked on.

We get settled into seats about 5 rows up with no one close to us, totally alone. Remember how well that worked out at the band concert? Yeah, same thing. It wasn't long before we were surrounded with touchy, talky people. We're sitting there talking about the new bleachers being disability-friendly and whether or not we could get Alex up them when Walter says, "Hey, Mom. Look." Stupid me, I ask what I'm looking at and look before it registers that I'm looking at Walter's friend's Dad. *eye contact* I mumble a quick, "you suck," as the friend's dad walks up to sit beside us. Walter laughs. (is there an age limit on putting you children up for adoption? just wondering.) I haven't had much opportunity to talk to this man, his wife is usually the one that calls me, tonight I find out I like him. He's nice. and he's quiet. I think he was just as uncomfortable being there as I was and wanted a familiar face. (Walter's)

Walter has a lot of great classes this year, classes I really hope he likes. His teachers mostly seem nice and he has one that I am half in love with. Language. Oh, what I wouldn't do to get my hands on one of his books. We have this one book we ordered so that I could help the kids with their homework.. well, 2, math and english... but he says they are learning a lot of things including writing a 13 paragraph essay! I really could have used that when Easy To Love But Hard To Raise asked me to write 5,000 words on raising children with an invisible disability. Anyway, one of his teachers, math, was talking about high school and things that didn't make any sense until I realized that these parents have serious goals for their kids. Like, college and stuff.

That's a reality check I could have done without. It's no secret that I'm a high school drop out. Not something I'm proud of, but known just the same. My highest goals for my boys are for them to not require rehab, avoid teenage pregnancy, and graduate from high school (strike 1 and 2 on that), Walter's friend's dad is /this/ close to having an aneurysm over his boy not making honor roll last semester and here I am hoping and praying for a C average. #AwesomeParenting

Moving on, Band. There are several activities she has scheduled for this year that we can probably take Alex to. He's doing so much better going places and being calm, he even sat quietly at Goofy's desk during his Open House without screaming or bolting. And, with his stroller, I bet we can even go to the Thanksgiving parade!  Exciting.

After meeting the teachers, there was a PTO meeting in the gym. Remember I want to do things this year? I went. and I'll go again. Unfortunately, this meeting started with spotting the lady who lives 2 houses down. The one that strongly dislikes me and is all too willing to acknowledge that my children were spawned in hell by the devil himself. if that was ever a secret. and, not only is she at the meeting, she's a member. because...of course. *shrugs*, whatever. she can give me an appalled stare across the table just the same as she can from across the neighbor's yard.

The best part, the principal is positive that they can find something for me to do "behind the scenes." I'm supposed to talk to the president. ...soon.

One more curriculum night to go.


  1. Don't sweat the lack of formal education, lady, you have done more with your mind than most college grads. And you will totally rock the PTO.

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  3. One morning during my Sr year, my 7am 1st period teacher was lecturing me about being late AGAIN, asking for my reason. I told him "Life," I explained this was my sister's first day after her second exploratory surgery on her wrist, and even though we left a little later (getting dressed took longer) we stopped to get colored sharpies for her friends to decorate her neon pink cast. He then stammered something like okay, that's excusable what about such and such time before?
    Afterwards, I still use the explanation of Life happened, instead of something else that was *supposed* occur. (Telling a professor "life interrupted" your ability to complete an assignment was a lot more comfortable and palatable than explaining to 8-12 different people your latest medical adventure, individually)

    And honestly, I believe my world would be a lot less colorful if Life hadn't interrupted like it has.