Thursday, September 5, 2013

One of our own...

"They are going to vilify her.

I would have vilified her.

In the same way I vilified the mother of Alex Spourdalakis just a couple of months ago."

Yes. Those were my first thoughts on reading an article and hearing bloggers talk about how sad, how tragic, how heartbreaking. That they just spoke to her this day or that day. What a wonderful mother she was, how strong, a great advocate. She's someone they respected. someone they knew. she was their friend. I read the comments and I'm flabbergasted. And I wonder what is the difference between this blogger and Dorothy? What is the difference between Issy and Alex? Is there a difference?

(This mother, whether one of our own or not, tried to kill her daughter just the same as Dorothy killed her son. That is not ok. It's never ok. murder is murder, never excusable. but I don't want to talk about that right now, I already said what I had to say.)

The only difference between this blogger and Dorothy is we can read along with the blogger's story, interact with her, and feel that we know her. Through sharing her life, she becomes a friend. She's not just a cause anymore, she's a real person. and a real person tried to kill herself and her daughter... It touches us on a personal level.

The fact that this one's a blogger makes the attempted murder either more despicable or more tragic depending on who you talk to. For me, I think it makes it more horrifying. Not because she's some "super celebrity" who should be held to a higher standard or because she was "One of the strong ones", but because as bloggers, we get and give a lot more support than you do. I can say that with the utmost certainty because I know the big difference between my personal profile and my page... and that's not just because I don't really use my personal profile, I hear the same stories from you. Outside of the autism community, the support just isn't there. ...and most of that community is online. The online autism community is centered around blogs and pages, groups, etc. I hear that this person with (relatively) massive amounts of emotional support gets to this place and I worry.

Some people are sharing phone numbers, asking you to call us, call a doctor, call the police, for the love of God, call somebody if you need support. To let you know that we are here if you need to talk. I'm not going to do that. I didn't even give my phone number to the PTO.

I will tell you that I am here if you need to talk. You can private message me on my page, you can e-mail me at I don't have all of the answers, I can't fix your life, but I can listen.

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  1. And this - this - THIS is why I love you!! More so than very true...((HUGS)) and much love my dear friend. You were there for me a few days ago with just the best of comments on my posting and that means more than words - I want you to know that.