Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My First PTA Meeting

Last night was my first PTA meeting ever. I was excited! As soon as the girl went down for a nap, I let out a silent WHOOP! to go with my happy dance and ran for the bathroom.

I put on my fancy (enough) clothes, my fabulous boots, carefully applied my makeup, and even straightened my hair.

I'm going OUT!

My husband wasn't even home an hour before he was threatening our children's well being if I left them with him.

Aw, how cute.

...he actually thinks I care. That's sweet. Honey, I've been stuck in this house with those hooligans for 5 years now, I'm going out and partying hard! ...well, as hard as you can party at a PTA meeting. but it's a good bet that there will be no snot nosed, fit throwing little monsters there, that's good enough for me.

I refresh and put the finishing touches on and ask my husband if I look ok, if I look "motherly." He says while wiggling his eyebrows, "Oh, yeah. you look hot." *eye roll* forget it. not happening. So, I go find Walter.

Walter hates my clothes. like, in general. He wants me to start getting dressed every day. *sigh* anyway, I ask him what he thinks of my outfit and his eyes light up. I actually look like a mom! He loves the outfit. But then he tries to take my bracelets. I threaten to break his fingers if he does not get them off of my bracelets right this freaking second. He says, "But, Mom! That's the most embarrassing part of how you dress!!!" Sorry, but the bracelets are non-negotiable.

The bracelets on my right arm are a promise to my children. They gave them to me and I told them I would never take them off. It's been... 3 years? 4 years? A few have broken over time but I will not take them off. for anything. The blue bracelet on my left arm is an autism awareness bracelet that Alex's sister gave me last year and the green one is the one Goofy gave me after his character walk. They are as precious to me as the rings I wear on my left hand.

Walter backs off and says besides the bracelets, I look great. He's impressed.

My husband decided since he couldn't convince me to stay home, he was going to try to shove all of the evening jobs into the time I was home so I could help. Watching that man run around, wearing the scent of desperation... it's a beautiful thing :) (oh, shush, if he didn't give me so much crap I wouldn't be laughing so hard.)

The PTA meeting was great, I think I agreed to do something but I have no clue what is going on with it. Some kind of bowling thing. I've never even been bowling, what the hell was I thinking!? I did warn her that I'm clueless but you can't learn until you try, right? Close your eyes and jump.

My friend did have a great suggestion... a recon mission. We need to go bowling. *firm nod* Now, to convince my husband.

This morning, I'm wondering if last night was worth it. Damned heathens. When I got home last night, there was a party going in the small kids' room. The entire schedule was a mess, but whatever. Then the girl cried all night long. Just about every hour, she was waking up crying. Turns out, she caught Alex's cold from stealing his cup. and the Goofy one? Has to take his medicine at school because we're getting ours today so he's freaking wild this morning. Pestering and irritating. Alex seemed ok. He even gave me extra kisses (on his own, I didn't even ask) and hugged me tight when I pulled his pants up. Ok, maybe that's more "odd" than ok... Hopefully, they will adjust to me abandoning them a few nights per month.


  1. They can't learn to miss you if you don't leave now and then. And have fun bowling!

  2. You need your few moments of peace, even if it is talking about kids - you need your break. And I agree with Kermommy...and I bet you rocked the whole "mom" look. I too have bracelets I don't take off. One stretched out so much that it became an anklet. ((HUGS))