Monday, September 9, 2013

My 2 cents on the comment section... Sleep Deprivation Diaries

People never cease to amaze me.

Sometimes, I really wish they would.

Courtney, over at Sleep Deprivation Diaries wrote a post called Yes, him and Yes, her too. A very good post describing her feelings on getting diagnosis #3. The comments are disabled now. with good reason.

Comments comparing Aaron to Issy and telling her she should be scared. Telling her she needs to do more to protect her other children.  Seriously, she is doing everything she can! She is utilizing the resources available to her and is searching out more. She has come so far in the past few months. What exactly do you expect her to do? Euthanize him?

Asking, isn't she worried that he will abuse them? Come on, have you read her blog? or are you just dropping in to kick someone while they are down? Again, what more can she do?

Is that what Issy's life and almost death at the hands of her mother means to you? Is that the message you choose to spread? Fear of our children? Exactly what resources do you think are out there to magically solve this issue?

One comment actually addresses what's written in the post... calling her irresponsible for having another child. Oh, I'm sorry, you are exactly right. Anyone who parents a child with autism should be sterilized as soon as they get the diagnosis. even though no one knows what causes autism. Too bad that wouldn't have helped Courtney considering she was already pregnant. Oh, duh. maybe she should have gotten an abortion.

My response to the comments isn't anywhere near as classy as Courtney accuses me of being. My answer is fuck you, and fuck you too.

Your comments tell me a lot about Courtney.

They tell me that no matter how many of you come to her blog and page leaving these irresponsible and utterly inexcusable comments, she keeps posting. She has courage. No matter how many of you come to her page and blog and scream at her that she isn't doing enough, she still keeps trying. She perseveres. No matter how many of you come to her page and blog and criticize her efforts, she still keeps sharing their story to help someone. She is strong.

Your comments tell me a lot about the autism community.

For every one of these comments, there are 10 encouraging her. Sharing their own experiences and telling her that they've been there, too. They offer hope and strength, and and the support of a community that understands.

Your comments tell me a lot about you.

You are ignorant. I mean that in the sense of you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground and maybe you ought to go out and learn a thing or two before opening your mouth. Even if your mama hadn't taught you any better, you should have learned by now. Go get yourself some manners and stay off of the comment section until you do.


  1. I read that post, and loved it. The comments were already disabled when I got there. I agree with you. Kudos to Courtney for being better than those trolls! She is great mom, and those types of ppl are why we all need to stick together! <3

  2. I love Courtney and her blog. I read the update today but had no idea what words were actually said :( there is so much cruelty out there, it is just heartbreaking. Good on you for speaking out, class be damned.

  3. I honestly feel out of the loop! My meager 45 minutes of Facebook time these days just isn't cutting it. It seems that some people who read our blogs feel that they are given license to tell us what to do or not do depending on the circumstances. Last I knew... we were still free to make our own decisions... PEACE

  4. People suck - that's all I'm going to say. I get that all the time when it comes to Buddy and his behaviors...he is child #4 out of my 6 and the third to be diagnosed with ASD and not the last...I get the "are you scared?" "what about the others?" and my favorite - "Why did you have so many kids?" - who the fuck are you to judge me? nobody! so let me live my life and do the best that I can for them. This has been in public actually, not on my blog. But Courtney is a rock and she is better than they are so screw them and the high horse they came in on