Saturday, September 7, 2013

Alex's Team Meeting

You know those mornings where you just feel like crap? Like a hangover without the fun that leads up to it? Yeah, that was me Wednesday morning. I overslept, again, and skipped the showers in favor of helping the Goofy Child with the last problem that he was "too tired" to do Tuesday night... which I figured out was code for "word problem." and omg, something along the lines of,

blahblahblah 3 balls. blahblahblah 2 balls. There are 5 balls altogether. What is the question?

You can imagine. so I'll keep my dirty words to myself.

We finally finish the homework (not correctly, but completed just the same) and attach my little love note sharing our joy in the journey to not figuring out what the question was and head to the bus stop. The neighbor girl has been riding the bus this year so I've been chatting with the neighbor dad in the mornings. I like chatting with the neighbor dad. This morning, we get caught up in our chatting at the front door, leaving the girl to her own devices. and someone left the bathroom door open. where she found the diaper rash ointment.

So, we're headed out the door, her freshly washed in a new outfit and me strutting my just rolled out of bed look with last night's makeup and the clothes I slept in, wearing my I don't give a fuck, wondering just what's next. This team meeting is going to be epic, I can just see it coming.

Now, I've mentioned- briefly- my objection to being left out of the loop on a major decision, and this is what happened... Staff change.

I've mentioned a time or two just what I think of staff change, I could direct you to at least 4 posts right of the top of my head but the two most recent ones resulted in a public apology so it may be best to leave those buried in the archives. The good news is the teacher agrees with me that staff change is just too hard on Alex and has a *wonderful* solution. Instead of rotating 3 aides throughout the week, he will alternate 2 aides on the same days every week.

Yay, right?

Yeah, you'd think.

He's definitely keeping his aide from last year but she's going to scratch 2 and 3, who have been working with him for the past 3 weeks, and bring in a brand spankin' new aide to be last year's aide's alternate. AND, The new aide will be the main one, having 3 days per week while last year's aide has him on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Alex and mama both threw a fit.

Alex more than doubled his dropping, added in eloping, and I wrote an e-mail of legit questions carefully crafted in a you're a fucking dumbass tone. She e-mailed me back a list of #4's qualifications as the reason for switching them out, told me how she trained with last year's aide specifically on Alex, and explained how they would be tracking behaviors in relation to new staff so we're cool. I think. Since that e-mail a week ago, every paper brought home lists last year's aide as being the one to work with him. I'm not sure what's up with that, if it continues next week, I'm so asking.

At the meeting, she showed me a chart on Alex's behaviors with 1, 2, and 3 with #2 having the highest rate of dropping and last year's aide having the least. She said the eloping was a one time thing (so far, *knock on wood*) and was easily fixed by shutting the door. (motor planning)

and then I found out I'm a dumbass. I'm counting the things he's doing at home as already mastered but instead of working on new or past words and phrases to build on his already unsteady vocabulary, we should be working on getting him to use his current words and phrases with more than just me so the new list for speech is simple: want it, don't want it, all gone, all done, yeah and no.

...oh, wait. Did I mention he has a new speech therapist? Yeah. but I like this one (so far). and I found out that he got a new music therapist last year. A music therapist who was floored when Alex walked into his room this year comfortable enough to utter a word or two. "He talks!?" haha, only when he knows you. *Shaking My Head* staff change. whatever. they'll figure it out sooner or later. baby steps. We still have last year's aide, that's good enough for now.

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