Monday, September 30, 2013

A Good Fight

There is something to be said for arguments in this house... none of us can make it through an argument without laughing at some point. For an argument to come up and everyone make it through with a straight face is a rare thing. My brother has commented more than once, kicked back in his chair, smiling along, that he loves to watch us all fight.

Remember way back last week when I was upset at the realization of just how far behind Alex is? Yeah. well,

Saturday night was a rough night for sleeping. None of these little demons wanted to go to bed. We have a deal on non-school nights, as long as they stay in their beds, they can watch TV as late as they want. I don't care if they see the sun rise, I just want some sleep without the fight of making them sleep first. BUT, as soon as one of those little feet hit the floor, the deal (and the TV) is off and they are going to bed.

They are always in their rooms by 8pm, unless they just push me too far and then I thank God most of them can't tell time. Like Saturday. When they were in bed watching TV by 7. That girl. Uhg. By 8:30, the TV is off. 9:00, I unplugged it because she turned it back on. 9:30, she lost her babies. 10:15, I dragged every single toy out of that room and piled them in the kitchen floor. 11:00, she's still going strong and I'm arguing with the Goofy child.

Then comes midnight.

Alex has been vocal stimming and flapping his hands together for about 30 minutes and I've had it!

Me: Goodnight.
Alex: Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye?
Me: No, we're not going goodbye. Goodnight.
Alex: No want to. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye?
Me: No. Goodnight.
Alex: No want to.
Me: It is bed time!
Alex: Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye?
Me: Boy, we are not going goodbye at midnight, get your ass in that bed and lay down!
Alex: no, no, no, no, NO.
Husband: *laughing* He no want to.
Me: *Walking away to the front porch to laugh without being seen*

Behind, my ass. That boy is perfect.

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