Thursday, September 12, 2013

12 hours of WTF Moments...

Walter came running up to me last night, all smiles, "Mom! MOM! You have to see this!" He shows me his text messages and she likes him back!!! Now, he's not just crushing, they are "dating." (yes, with the air quotes again.)

Me: Oh, yeah? What's her dad think of that?
Him: Her dad can't know.
Me: Why not?
Him: he'd be mad. No, not just mad, he's be p-i-s-s-e-d.
Me: Is that because you're a juvenile delinquent? because you spent time in the slammer?
Him: No. her dad likes me.
Me: Does he? hm. Then what's the point in having a "relationship" if it has to be a secret?
Him: It's forbidden, Mom. That makes it exciting.
Me: Oh, yeah? Tell that to Romeo and Juliette.
Him: ... ... ... didn't one of them die?
Me: *face/palm*

My boy is some girl's dirty little secret. and he couldn't be happier.


This morning, I go to wake Alex up and find this...

He hasn't slept in the floor in MONTHS! What's up with that?

Then, I'm sitting at the table out front with Alex, waiting for his bus. I look over to my left to check on the girl... she's got a piece of felt in her hand, painting the window with her snot. No pics. You're welcome.

Still sitting out front, We're watching traffic back up as far as the eye can see because we live a stone's throw away from an insanely busy intersection and it's been raining. Next thing I know, here comes Alex's bus passing by to circle around. It drives up on the line of traffic, pulls into the oncoming lane, drives up the oncoming lane to the oncoming middle lane (totally on the wrong side of the yellow line) and then drives all the way up the middle lane to the intersection. I look at Alex because someone had to have seen that, and Alex is sitting there watching traffic, munching on Apple Jacks, kicking his foot without a care in the world.

And that (hopefully) wraps up the WTF moments of the past 12 hours.

The End.

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  1. Holy hell...totally WTF? I sometimes have to wonder if we're living a twisted sit-com or something