Sunday, August 25, 2013

Walter's Essay

    Yes, I do deserve detention. I used physical contact toward a person that didn't even touch me. I know I shouldn't have slapped anyone. But I was standing up for myself. Anyway, I deserve this detention because I used physical actions. That's why I deserve the detention. Do I want it? no but I deserve it.

    For every action there's a reaction. My action was violence, the reaction was detention. And I respect that decision. Now, right or wrong? good or bad? There's a difference, good decisions are rewarded, bad decisions are corrected. I'm willing to take the consequence because my bad decision needs to be corrected. " KAHFOOTY " what KAHFOOTY means is Keep All Hands Feet and Other Objects To Yourself, did I do that? no, I didn't even think I just acted.

    You want me to be brave, not to be quiet, you want to hear my words. Then I will be brave I will let my words out. I'm suppose  to say no, what I did was not worth the detention, but slapping the person who I thought slapped me, I was standing up for myself. It would have been worth the detention because I never stand up for myself. And the one time I do I get detention? Hah no, screw that. But based on what I knew the time the detention was worth it. And I learned that I will not always be perfect I will make mistakes and what others see as bad choices but you can learn greatly from mistakes and maybe my bad decisions are worth the consequence.
    Acting impulsively effected the people involved because I hurt one person that never did anything to me. And if I took a couple seconds to think about it I would of believed John didn't do it.

    How would I have done it differently? Hmm... That's a hard one. I would have talked to him and asked if he did it. And if he did I would have stood firm and asked him why then told an adult. This essay has changed me taught me when to stand firm. And I will not expect to be in detention ever again.

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