Saturday, August 3, 2013

This is the song that never ends.... Alex's school.

Yes, it goes on and on, my friends. ...It never changes. The same thing over and over and over until you want to stab your freaking ear drums with an ice pick just so you can stop the homicidal rage provoking non-freaking-stop repetitive racket.

I've just been pushed over that edge.

I am furious.

I started being on edge over Alex's school because while I am getting tons of information from the Regular Schools, I am getting absolutely nothing from them. I found out through the general SSD newsletter that the first day of school is August 12. And yet, here it is, August 3, and there is no sign of even a school calendar on the website. Nothing. Silence. Annoying, because how can we prepare if we don't know what we are preparing for? but it's ok because promises made are promises kept, right? When someone says something, that's the way it will be, right? Alex is going to be easy this year. Alex's teacher should be the same as last year and I know school starts August 12. So, that's fine. I can wait. everything will be fine.

Until the mail runs and I get the huge packet of papers I've been waiting on and the first thing I see when I sit down to fill them out is Alex's teacher's name. A name I have never seen before.

Why am I surprised? I'm not, really. I had to talk myself into almost trusting the principal's word and that just pisses me off even more because I knew better. I should have prepared for this. but I didn't.

Before Alex started this school, we took a tour. One of the first questions I asked was how long he would have this teacher. I was told a couple of years. I'm happy with that. Until halfway through the first year, he changed classrooms because this is the teacher he would have for the next year. and then she left. and he got a new one because this is the teacher he will have for the next year. and now, I suppose I'm going to hear that he has this new one because this is the teacher he will have for next year.

Fuck it.

This man cannot be trusted. He has proven that over and over and over. If the leader cannot be trusted, neither can the people working under him. That's just the way it is. Makes for a fun year, doesn't it? Right now, I just want to say...


I don't even care.

I have 8 days to write an introduction letter because I trusted that he would have the same teacher who needed no more than an update and I don't even want to write it because what I want to say is they need to actually read his IEP for once, that way they aren't doing stupid stuff and then wondering why he's not making progress- for example, making him eat with his right hand when his IEP clearly says he eats with his left. To follow his BIP and don't come whining to me that you need all these new interventions like a gait belt because this year is an exact duplicate of last year and the year before because you guys keep changing things on him which brings out the behaviors even though he was so over them by the end of last year and you aren't following the strategies listed in his BIP that actually work because, obviously, they didn't have to deal with this type of behavior last year or they would have addressed it. which they did. in the BIP you obviously didn't read. His BIP hasn't changed in years. Why? Because he has the same behaviors every year and the interventions work every year.

But, I seriously doubt any of that would make a difference.

Nothing I've said so far has.

Monday, when I get off the phone with the Goofy One's principal asking about his teacher and a team meeting before school starts, I suppose I'm going to have to go through the motions of calling this one and asking why he has a new teacher when I was told he'd have the same one. That way, I can get the same speech I got last year on the unpredictable nature of staff change in an understaffed school and how the staff is trained and highly qualified (a significant number being overqualified with the lack of teaching jobs available to the overwhelming amount of people graduating with teaching degrees, which leads me to question why they are understaffed in the first place) even though they just don't get it. I will listen to him tell me this while knowing that there are other parents in this school who have told me that their child has the same teacher, some of them for years. Then he can ask my opinion on how to fix it, tell me how helpful I am and what a great idea it is as if he's never thought of it before- like it's not what I was told by them from the beginning would be happening- and send me out the door while he pats himself on the back for calming a hysterical mother and does absolutely nothing about the issue.

*problem solved*

Or, maybe the answer I will get is that Alex being passed around from teacher to teacher is an exercise in staff training. Utilizing free resources and all. That way everyone gets to learn how to deal with the child who reacts adversely and predictably to change and the overprotective mom who rants and rages about anything you do wrong with her sweet baby, the mom who has just enough knowledge to be a pain in the ass but not enough to actually do anything about it.



  1. Power on Mama!! I was told this year that there would be no time for James's teacher to meet with us before the first day of school the way he has every year because the teacher would be too busy. I told the principal that he needed to and we would be happy to come in 15 minutes early on the first day of school (August 12) and only then did she say that the school psychologist would help to make it happen the Friday before. Mission accomplished.. first battle of the year won... victory for mom!!

  2. I really recognize your plight. It's got to be completely frustrating for you. I also see the need for consistency for your son and familiarity with his behavior patterns and habits. He's not the pass around pack and shouldn't be treated as such. Still, and I could be completely wrong here, deep down inside I wonder if the change couldn't do him some good. Even considering his needs, I wonder if allowing him to adjust to an inconsistency might not make him somewhat stronger by seeing change often. I'm a novice in my ideas here, and make no proclamation as to knowing anything in the matter. It just seems like the change could help him understand that nothing is forever. Of course, it could totally end up being decided by the type of teacher he ends up with, too. Good rant!

  3. Great! Another unexpected change and the idiots who do nothing to fix it because well, it doesn't directly affect them so whatever! Ugh! I'm with you on this Mama and wish I could fight alongside with you. This happened to Bug a few years ago. We were told he was to have Teacher A that he had the year before and was *PERFECT* for him and on the round-up day before school where they posted the teacher assignments, I just looked at his class, you know for shits and giggles, and they changed his teacher!! To one that said I threatened her when I called her to discuss a bullying issue my son was I'm right there with you....