Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Plan for the Goofy Child

Alright, school is settled. Huge progress for me (for today, that might change tomorrow) since I'm totally cool with every school before the first day and my raging was limited to only 2 blog posts (so far) and I don't see any obvious problems coming up so, yeah, I call that major progress.

Now it's time for the rest of it. I'm not sure what I'm doing (surprise). The Goofy One has a reading screening coming up. ...I'm going to say this and then things are going to go wrong and all hell's going to break loose and I'm going to cry. but... The boy can't read. There's no doubt about that. He's made absolutely no progress over the summer. None. Zip. Zilch. I suck at teaching. and writing? just... wow. so, there's no reason he won't qualify for help. (haha, I know. heard that before, didn't you?)

He needs help and I don't know what help he needs because as much as I suck at teaching, I'm even worse at being a doctor. I have no clue what's wrong with this child so I have to guess and it's all just... damnit! ya know? Getting him help through school isn't working out so well ... but on the other hand, a kindergartener with a 504 is pretty freaking good, I think. ...or bad, depending on how you look at it considering the low bar set for expected abilities. The older he gets, the easier it should be. (Yes, I'm rolling my eyes at that one, too.)

Anyway, the kid needs help. It's my job to make sure he gets it. but, I'm lost. I know the general direction we're going  but not exactly how to go about it. "medical is medical, educational is educational." "stop chasing diagnoses and make the school do something." I'm so sick of hearing that crap. seriously. I want a new doctor. Not the pediatrician because I love him, but the psychologist because I so don't love him. It's true, "medical is medical, educational is educational." They are separate. kind of. but not really. In order to make the school do something, I need to chase diagnoses. IDEA part B 300.311 says that

(a) For a child suspected of having a specific learning disability, the documentation of the determination of eligibility, as required in §300.306(a)(2), must contain a statement of—
(4) The educationally relevant medical findings, if any;

The diagnoses I'm chasing are educationally relevant. It would be so much easier (on me) if the self-appointed diagnosing gods (lowercase) were required to read IDEA before giving advice on school. maybe someone should tell him that "medical is medical, educational is educational." and he should stick to medical and stop telling me to get a freaking advocate. uhg. sorry. end rant. no ranting here, where was I?

I have a list. I need medical evaluations for Auditory Processing Disorder and Dyslexia until someone gives me a new direction to go in, there's the reading screening, the first report card and a request for evaluation.

The pediatrician said we'd discuss the reading trouble after the screening. IDEA 300.302 says,

The screening of a student by a teacher or specialist to determine appropriate instructional strategies for curriculum implementation shall not be considered to be an evaluation for eligibility for special education and related services.

which means after they find out the boy can't read, I need to request evaluation for SSD services but at the 504 meeting, I told her I'd wait for the first report card. That gives me 6 weeks (maybe?) before the report card, then I have 30 days for the district to gather information and decide if he should be evaluated for special education services. That looks like a lot of days, to me. Plenty to get the medical evaluations, I hope. The medical evaluations may not be the deciding factor in whether or not the child gets services but it sure as hell can't hurt to have them, right?

Yeah. There's my plan.
  1. screening
  2. medical evaluations
  3. report card
  4. request for evaluation
  5. 120 days of Pure Hell.
and then do it again next year when he's found to be not eligible.


  1. PEACE and keep pushing!! It is so exhausting being a parent of a child and add in anything out of the ordinary and YIKES... better not like sleeping or cleaning or having any kind of personal life!! YOU GO AND GET THEM TO LISTEN TO YOU!! It took the DSM V to finally give permission for dual diagnosis of Autism and ADHD. I hope your journey doesn't take that long!!

  2. I'm REALLY sorry you're going through this. I'm in IEP land which is different than 504 land.... it's just ACCEPTED every year that we'll get a new IEP and not have to fight for anything. Granted we're not getting what we need the most-- behavior therapy. And my kids don't even have any academic problems--- they're just psychiatrically and neurologically and behaviorally a total mess. No reason they shouldn't be able to figure out in kindergarten WHY a child can't learn to read and get him on the path to fixing the problem so you're not going crazy each summer trying to fight for a 504 and whatever you need. You'd think that WOULD be easier to do for the school than deal with a child like mine--- no academic issues, but they need lots of extra staff just to get her from point A to point B without a mega meltdown. ugh. keep us posted.

    1. Thank you. We're trying for an IEP (or to at least find out if an IEP is what he needs.) I'm not sure why he's having so much trouble and neither are they. I'm hoping this is the year we figure it out before he gets too far behind. He's full day now and there will be more expected of him so they should get a better idea of what I'm talking about first-hand.

      They don't offer ABA in your school? Or she didn't qualify?