Monday, August 19, 2013

Settling in and lighting candles.

Monday. I think I love Mondays. (for now. give me a few weeks.)

We're settling into our routines, things are going great. (for now. give it a few weeks.)

Thing2- I rarely see him anymore. We have a few minutes of waiting for the bus in the mornings, then he has school (his senior year), Tech, friends, girlfriend, and work to keep him busy.

Walter- is not happy that he's paying the consequences for the last grading period. ..oh, wait. I didn't post that one, did I? He blew off the summer reading club and now I am the meanest mommy in the world. School nights he's stuck at home with no electronics until after supper. He's glad to be back in school where he can see his friends, but not glad to have his wings clipped. The school fusion that the regular school are using is amazing. One of his teachers (language, I think it is,) is already using it to post upcoming assignments. He has one coming up where he needs to interview a student, write a paper based on the 20 answered questions, and then introduce them to the class. We worked on a system to ask the right questions to be able to turn it into a report. After he interviews his student and writes his paper, he's going to practice reading his finished paper out loud. In this house, he'll have a bunch of hecklers as an audience... if he can handle that, school will be easy.

Alex- is doing school and at home. No regression that I can see or has been reported (find out for sure soon). His notes home are awesome. She gives me all kinds of useful information like what his behaviors were and who he works with, what they are working on in class and which therapy he had. good stuff. We have a team meeting coming up. I have the outline for my list started. Someone on my page said I need to try to say 2 nice things for every negative thing. My husband says, "you're so pretty." doesn't count. so, I'm still working on that.

Goofy- is a work in progress. At home, he's doing good. He's settling into a routine with less and less protesting the unfairness of having such an unreasonable mother. We're struggling with homework time, of course. I read somewhere that if I give him a serious movement break between school and homework, it might be easier on him to focus. If I switch supper and homework on the schedule, I might be able to get both done and have him be in a better mood to get serious. ...and the kids were not dealing well with so much time between lunch and supper with just a measly snack in between, anyway.

The Girl- is doing great. Now that the boys are in school, the days are all about her. She's loving that. She's thrilled with her routine (except the first few minutes of nap time and bed time) and is driving me frickin' insane over her visual schedule. She wants to do it ALL THE TIME!! She's starting to put together small sentences, the first being "I want park." and more recently "Oh, fuck no!" (serious- it wasn't me.)

Little D- is liking school but is spending a lot less time with his dad. They are still working that schedule out. My brother, lol, I love him. It's looking like he's going to be just as much the crazy parent as I am when it comes to school :) He's signing up for e-mails and whatever they'll let him sign up for. He's looking through folders and work and this past weekend, they were working on practicing his name. Worked well for me, too, because it turned into a contest (as things usually do) between Goofy and the Little D with "you're doing it wrong, it goes like this" flying in both directions.

I- am lighting candles.

With the boys being full day, the girl being as agreeable as she is, and me taking my own advice to stop being such a control freak and make the husband help, I found that I have time on my hands. I go to support group once a month, I've added one school's PTA meetings one night a month (I plan to look at the other 2 to see where (if) they fall on the calendar), I signed up to help with 2 activities at Goofy's school that have nothing at all to do with people (the kind I'm best at), I'm waiting to hear back on another school... and then I signed the social butterfly I married up for 2 other activities with Goofy's school. :)

So far, so good. *fingers crossed*

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  1. Mine blew off summer reading too. But oh I forgot about having husband ign up or emails fom kids school.