Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Haters Gonna Hate

My children are wild beasts.

They are hyperactive and impulsive. They rarely think first.

They run through the house causing madness and mayhem.

They run around barefoot and dirty like little savages...

...ruining their clothes, staining their bodies with grass and dirt.

They wipe their hands on my pants, their faces on my shirt.

They say what's on their minds.

They laugh too loud.

They show their anger.

They make- and laugh at- inappropriate jokes like, "I eat mah poo."

They bicker and fight.

They scream, they cry, they throw temper tantrums that will bring you to your knees.

They poke dead things with sticks...

...or their fingers.

They collect insects...

...and their shells.

they paint themselves with jelly. and syrup. and peanut butter. and mashed potatoes.

They draw on themselves with markers. ink pens, makeup...

They are demon spawns, heathens, "savages", hooligans....

My house is usually a mess.

There are Fruit Loops on the floor, jelly on the ceiling (yes, still.), crackers crunched into the carpet.

There are toys tossed in every room of the house.

The dishes pile up.

So does the laundry.

The kids drag mud and water through the house.

They drag blankets and pillows everywhere to make forts or to pile up together.

They leave things where they are dropped.

The adults are uncouth.

we sit on the front porch talking while we watch our little hoosiers run around the yard...

or climb on the furniture like a jungle gym on the other side of the window...

...like they've never been taught to behave properly.

We let them run wild.

We are perfectly content to make them play together or fight it out because they aren't going to learn to deal with conflict if we do it all for them.

We argue...

We laugh...

We kiss in the kitchen...

...because we think it's better for our kids to learn how a real relationship works than for them to think they need to find a fairy tale.

and it's my fault. all of it.

Tell me something I didn't know.

I will tell you that while you are sitting there all prim and proper in your prissy, small minded world judging us for not measuring up to your standards, we are living our life the way we want to and being happy doing it.


  1. That sounds like our house right now with no kids. They are grown. Me and the cats make messes everywhere! And I try to be neater, really I do! Just like you, I stopped caring a LONG time ago caring what other people think of me or my life. It's way more fun to laugh at THEM for being so uptight and judgy.

  2. You literally just talked about my house with the exception of jelly - we have toothpaste and soda on our ceiling. We all do the best we can and what we feel is right with our children and noone has any right to judge. I support ya and thanks for sharing this, I really loved it! :)

    1. How do they even get things up there? The soda, I can understand. the rest... I'm still trying to figure it out :)

      Thank you!

    2. I thought you were in my house until the jelly. Mine don't like jelly. we have shampoo on our ceiling. And pizza. and there is kitty litter in every crack and crevice and I can't even explain that one . . . :D

  3. I always looked at it as if the neighbors didn't like it, they could stay at home. We all have our own way of raising kids and enjoying our lifestyle. It's my life, and I'll make my own style. Looks like you've done the same. Sounds cool to me!

    1. Thank you, Richard!

      I loved your posts today, I woke the baby up laughing at your back to school one and had to share it with my friends :) (no worries, she went right back to sleep) (even so, it would have been worth it)

  4. I like it when I happen to be by the window and I see a neighbor walking by who just happens to stop dead in her tracks to STARE at the chaos that is my house. I stare back. Yes, it's loud and messy. And when they're 18 it will be clean and quiet. Till then, deal. :)

  5. We have the same kids...or the same neighbors...or the same life...only, I don't have anyone to laugh with me about the others. Wanna come over? LOL

    1. LOL, I do! I'll laugh right along with you :)

  6. Need a LOVE button for this one! ♥♥♥ So sad for that prim and proper prissy pants!