Friday, August 23, 2013

Great things come from a moment of indecision...

I did it! All of it. Except the fit throwing. There was no fit throwing. ...well, by adults. The girl, on the other hand...

So, I went up to talk to the Goofy Child's principal, she was in a meeting so I made an appointment to come back.

At home, I sat down and made my list and read up on what I was looking at diagnosis-wise to remember why I was looking for more specific information on my Goofy One. While making my notes, I got a call from the elementary.

Now, hold on to your hats, you're not going to believe this...

Goofy qualifies for supplemental reading services!


she's telling me his scores, being oh-so-careful to tell me how typical these things are for the beginning of first grade. I'm so tired of being reassured that there is nothing "wrong" with my child when I already know something is going on. I understand the need to reassure a parent that this isn't the end of the world but I don't think they understand our need to know. To have validation of our concerns. To know that while everyone else is saying we are crazy, that someone somewhere sees what we do and someone somewhere, maybe even somewhere else, might have the answer we are desperately searching for. If these things are so "typical", why does he qualify for services? Whatever. I'm not going there again. I'm asking her about getting a copy of the report for the doctor, she's asking what information I need, we're discussing what I'm looking at and why, where we've been and where we're going when she offers to do a more extensive evaluation no later than today and send me that report to take to the doctor. I swear, I could kiss her right now!

At 2pm, I'm in the principal's office.

There are 2 definite areas of concern- ADHD and fine motor. There are 3 other things I am looking at- Dyslexia, Auditory Processing Disorder, and Executive Function Disorder. We have to find out what the problem is before we can fix it. These diagnoses are all tangled up with comorbidity and overlapping symptoms. To figure out what the problem is, we have to have accurate information.

The doctor is asking where he is struggling. If he is struggling in every subject, the problem could be the focus part of ADHD and the solution would be to try a different medication. If he is just struggling in specific areas, then that's where we need to be looking. To know if his ADHD medication is working, we need to keep an eye on his ADHD symptoms.

I need to know if his 504 is being followed and I cannot count on Goofy to give me the information. He has trouble retelling events, sequencing events, cause and effect, and trouble understanding when someone is joking, being sarcastic, or the difference between correction and trouble. With his behavior reports and his unfinished work, I need to know what the problem was and what was tried. We need to know what works and what doesn't to adjust supports.

The principal understands. she took notes, copied some of my notes, set up a team meeting for Monday, and asked me to cc her in on any future e-mails. I usually do cc principals but this year I was trying to handle it on my own first. Which left her totally out of the loop until I had enough concerns to show up in her office. Bad idea.

I came home and made the consult appointment with the Goofy One's doctor to see which medical evaluations he would suggest based on the reading report and the information I will get at the team meeting. It just happens to be the afternoon of Alex's team meeting. That will be a fun day.

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  1. from my personal experience, a child can have SEVEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE adhd and still do FINE academically, so please don't let anyone tell you it's JUST adhd and lack of focus. My kids both have adhd--- one much more severe than the other---- despite an amazing number of neurological, psychiatric and behavioral problems, the kid with adhd is academically gifted and was reading words at 2 and sentences at 3. The kid with SEVERRREEEEE adhd started reading at 3 and a half to four. Academics is not our concern. Here's hoping that the main problem is with reading and dyslexia or something similar is the main issue. I would say the adhd is a separate animal. One of my kids has megacolon/encopresis and for AGES I just thought she was untoilettrainable due to autism and adhd. Wrong---- 4 xrays proved me very very wrong. Can't always blame adhd, autism, or other major issues for the physical or academic concerns that might not be part of the issue. So glad you're finding someone to HELP you!