Friday, August 9, 2013

An Aplogy to an Awesomely Underappreciated Principal.

You know, you really shouldn't be talking if you don't know what you are talking about. That's always a good piece of advice that I rarely take, myself. I had a little bit of a freak out over the past week or so. Actually, I was a bitch to a really nice man.

Granted, all I needed was a single sentence- "We're restructuring the school to better educate our students." or even, "Calm down, I have a plan." but I'm mostly... kinda... a little... slightly understanding when the Goofy Child's principal is too busy to talk to me (she may debate that statement) because she makes the time when it's something important. all I have to do is say, "I have a problem" and she's all ears, when she can't it's something serious. same with this man. I need to remember that.

Probably not going to... but I should.

anyway, by freaking out and throwing fits, I'm not really helping. I'm just putting more stress on him and adding to his already heavy load. Instead, I could offer ideas and options. Tell him what my problem is and how I could help fix it. well, I could if he returned my phone call, which he didn't, and we'll get to that in a second, but I'm talking about my blog posts. I was mean. That's not cool.

I told you I would find him. and I did. He was busy with people so I was going to look at the map to find Alex's class and maybe talk to him Monday, when he stopped what he was doing, looked over at me and loudly apologized for not returning my call. He's had his hands full with changes in the school and has every intention of speaking with me. I wanted to tell him that I'm ok now, I got the answer I was looking for and I'm satisfied with his plan and that I wanted to talk to him about school communication but I tripped over my words. He wants me to know that he is sincerely sorry that he did not call me back yet and promises that he will. It strikes me that he is serious. and I totally deserve an apology. "Ok." *problem solved*

I didn't totally start feeling like an ass until I got the answer to the puzzle I've been trying to figure out for months... did they paint the walls? I think they used to be white... they're a soft blue/grey now... were they always this color? Alex's new classroom is across from the therapy room. I saw something through the open doorway that made me stop. I changed direction, stepped into the therapy room and looked around in shock. awe. He fixed it. It's beautiful! and yes, I see now that they did paint the walls. and all of the equipment that used to be stacked in the halls? gone. Looking at this therapy room, I'm seeing all of the things that I haven't been here to see: all the changes he's made, all of the improvements... I see why he's been so busy. The school I'm looking at now is a totally different school than the one Alex started in 2 years ago. He did that. For his students. because he cares.

and I am a jerk for not appreciating it.

Seeing the evidence that I didn't know what I thought I knew, seeing how I overreacted... I really, seriously did not want to hand that man my blog posts. But I did because as mean as I was, it's the prime example of why we need to improve communication. Why he should brag on himself a bit and let the parents know the wondrous things he's doing for their children. I want to help do that in any way I can.

Mr. Principal, in addition to the private apology I will be giving you Monday, I think I owe you an apology as public as my anger was. I am sorry, I should have trusted you.

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