Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Preparing for the First day of school- 7 weeks

I needed to shop for clothes for Alex and the Goofy One. Easy enough since they only need 2 outfits and fashion isn't that big of an issue for them, yet. ...Yet. *sigh*

and I needed to organize my "office" and e-mail accounts. (yes, plural. an ungodly amount of plural.)

The e-mail is fairly easy, I just rename the old school folders with the year and school, delete the ones that won't be needed again, and start a new folder for this year so I can keep track of all home-school communication and have a record.

...as for the "office"?


This one is sooooo hard! Have I mentioned how much I hate paperwork? I need things. filing systems such. I don't even know. I need that lady from neat. yeah, she'd know what to do. something. right now, I have 3 areas where school papers are stored. and yes, it's embarrassing but I'm showing you anyway.

You've seen my kitchen space. No big surprise. The scary one is this... *hangs head in shame*

I hate paper. with a passion. but schools love it. and, it's a necessary evil. Gotta have documentation, right? Of what? I don't know. but everyone wants documentation of something. "Pics or it never happened." I need to get this mess under control before they start sending more.

The first thing I did was gather up things in the house that I could use in my space. I want it to feel good, I want it to make me smile, I want to want to spend time there, I want everything I need close at hand. I raided my husband's office and took what I wanted. because it's like that. No, really, he said I could because I was getting my crap out of his office, too.

In the school e-mail box, I have all of the kids' contact information.
Principals, Assistant principals, counselors, nurses, teachers, therapists...
you name it, they're there. I'll add more as I get new information.

Calm down, not their personal accounts. The middle school principal now has a twitter account for the middle school. so does the superintendent. The SSD has a Facebook page, the elementary has a Facebook page for their parent/teacher organization...
...Not that I don't check personal accounts for public info as soon as I get a name. I totally do. Sorry, but I have to know I'm not sending my kid out to a van with a predator or off with some crazy person. School staff can be crazy. I know, I have friends. friends that work in schools. and I hear them talk about co-workers. Well, not MY kids' staff but someone's staff. whatever. moving on...  

I totally misspelled coffee. kids' fault and I'm too lazy to fix it.

Alex's stuff is still a mess, I got frustrated and just threw it all in there.
 *sigh*... tomorrow.


I set up my office to where my husband could use it. He does bills and stuff and set his up to where if anything happened, I could take over easily (well, as easily as a person who can't balance their own checkbook can...) so I returned the favor. I do all schools and doctors. If he had been thrown into it the way my stuff was (see above) he would have been in hell and clueless about what to do so I made sure he has everything he needs in an easy to find, clearly labeled system.

Still to go-

6 weeks- buy backpacks
organize Walter's room
Alex- write introduction to teacher

5 weeks- buy shoes for Thing2 and Walter
organize Goofy's room
Goofy- write introduction to teacher/ packet

4 weeks-  buy shoes Alex and Goofy
Organize Laundry

3 weeks- buy personal supplies, alarm clocks
organize bathrooms

2 weeks- hair cuts Thing 2 and Walter
Start routines

1 week- school supplies
Pack backpacks

0 weeks-  hair cuts Alex and Goofy


  1. I like the fortune. We get to keep the ones we like. Beats the heck out of inspirational posters.

  2. Wow! impressive!Everything you do you do well! You inspire!!