Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Preparing the First day of school- 8 weeks

Sounds like a long time right? Not really. You know my needs for plans, right? knowing exactly what will happen when and what needs to be done where? and lists for plans? and lists of my lists? Well, this year, I'm not hiding my neurotic tendencies. You're welcome to hop on board the crazy train and enjoy the ride. I got the green light yesterday from my husband to go ahead and get started on preparing for school... and when he saw the total for what I bought, I thought the man would have a freakin' stroke or something. I think he pictured getting a lot more for the limit he gave me- and let me tell you right now, I am not buying some outrageously expensive underwear... well, you know, they are outrageously expensive but they are also Wal-Mart underwear.

I don't have the money, the time, or the brain power to do everything at the last minute. I have to break it up.

8 weeks.

School shopping- We bought socks and underwear all around, and clothes for T2/Walter. I only get 2 outfits per kid to start school in because they have some other clothes they can mix in. Unless they have outgrown everything, they don't need a whole new wardrobe. These 2 boys are pretty easy because they are very limited in what they wear. You know those plain white undershirts? Yeah, those. (except this year, T2 wanted colored ones) and basketball shorts. Simple. Now, I still need to get them each a hoody but that can wait until after school starts.

Organization- entryway. I can do this this early in the summer because there's not much to do, nothing changes. The things that are here, stay here, it pretty much stays straight because everyone knows where everything is and where everything goes- right down to the smallest child.

This is where all of the backpacks, shoes and jackets go... as well as diaper bags, diapers, wipes, ointments, mail, and whatever else we need coming in and out the front door or very frequently. Our set up may not be the most attractive, but it's the most convenient for us. For me, convenience wins.

The only thing I needed to do is clear out, switch out, and take inventory of backpacks. Alex is getting Walter's because it has a single strap that Walter hates and I think might be perfect for Alex. Goofy is getting Alex's because Alex's use of backpacks is pretty light, just a binder and the occasional clothes, snacks, diapers/wipes. Thing2 and Walter will be getting new backpacks.

I'm also working on schedules/ routines/ chore lists this week and have the rough drafts done. Thing2 doesn't have one. He's an adult, if he can't figure crap out for himself, he's in for a rough life. As for the other 2, I'm lazy and I have a feeling that this year is not going to be a sober one. Sorry, but it's true. I love my kids but ADHD and homework don't mix. Then you add in reading trouble... Oh, Lord, I need a drink just thinking about it. I am not the most patient person. at all. so, anyway, I need to lighten my load as much as possible to offset the rest of the upcoming shitstorm.


Make your bed- if there's too much crap on it, I guess you didn't clean your room, did you? 
Get dressed. Put your clothes IN the hamper. 
Brush your freaking teeth. Girls don't like kissing dirty mouths. 

Do your homework. or be grounded when report cards come in- your choice. 
Practice your trumpet. 30 minutes. 
Put your stuff by the door. I'm not bringing it to you tomorrow when you forget it.

Supper. yes, I expect you to be here. 
  • Take the trash out. You live here, too. act like it.
  • Gather the laundry and take it to the laundry room. Don't you wish you had put your laundry IN the hamper? Sort it. Figure it out, there's a pattern.
  • Clean the bathroom. Don't you wish you had wiped the sink after you brushed your teeth? and yeah, that's gross. Learn to aim.
  • Clean your room. If you don't love it enough to take care of it, you don't love it enough to keep it. My room is not up for discussion, so shush it.

Take a shower. Girls don't like boys who smell funny, either.  
Brush your freaking teeth. Yes, again.  
Put your dirty clothes IN the hamper (see: chores) 
Lay your clothes out for tomorrow. I'm not arguing about why we can't do a load of laundry before school. Do it tonight or go without.

Love you,

I made a list of everything else that needs to be done before school starts and broke it down into weekly tasks.

7 weeks- buy Alex/ Goofy clothes
organize my "office", e-mail

6 weeks- buy backpacks
organize Walter's room
Alex- write introduction to teacher

5 weeks- buy shoes for Thing2 and Walter
organize Goofy's room
Goofy- write introduction to teacher/ packet

4 weeks-  buy shoes Alex and Goofy
Organize Laundry

3 weeks- buy personal supplies, alarm clocks
organize bathroom

2 weeks- hair cuts Thing 2 and Walter
Start routines

1 week- school supplies
Pack backpacks

0 weeks-  hair cuts Alex and Goofy

And that's our start. Do you have any ideas to add? How do you go about getting ready without losing your mind?


  1. I'm exhausted just reading that...we have always been wait till the last minute people because the school lists always change and also if the kids see something they want it like now. So yeah, waiting is the name of my game. It has worked so far. Who knows what the future holds.

  2. I totally get a kick out of your organization skills. You've motivated me to make a list! 8 weeks til school starts and 6 months til Disney!!

  3. We put it all off until a week or so before school. Because we're stupid.

  4. We have 8 weeks also until the new school year! I collect things all year long when they are on sale. I think I am pretty set for school supplies. I just need a new thermos for James and some more character lunch boxes with zippers that work. Charlotte needs to get her license (July 9th) and we need to fix the car she will be driving. New clothes... we buy clothes all year long as the kids grow/need/I see something I like for them. It will still be in the 90's/ 100's when they go back in August so shorts and T's to start. As for shoes.... They are the thing that we buy ALL the time for James. He is currently growing out of his new shoes, size 9 men's. He is only 9 and his feet are almost a big as my 6 foot 1 inch husband!!! This kid is going to be soooooooooooooo tall! Either that or have freakin' BIG feet for a short man. Anyway, thanks for the reminder that there is only 8 weeks before senior/4th grade hit our home. James will have an aide for 5 hours during the day (9:45-2:45) not sure what they are doing on the early release Mondays but not my responsibility I need to hope the district knows about the early release Mondays. PEACE