Saturday, May 18, 2013

Why I won't be online much during summer...

I don't know that I have a real point in this post, I just haven't written in a few days and felt the need. I've been pretty quiet and there are a few reasons for that. They have names but there are too many to list. I swear to you, they are trying to kill me. Even now, the Tiniest Supervillain is saying in her tiny voice, "I play freeze tag? We play freeze tag, please?" HELP! I've created a monster!!!! I'm pretty sure Alex's sister is putting their Mommy through the same hell right about now but I just can't do it today. I need rest. I'm old. I'm fragile. Why don't they believe I'm frail!?

anyway, We have to have a plan for the summer. the sister is already out of school, my boys will be out Wednesday and Alex is done Thursday. This week was thrown together haphazardly because, you know, unexpected events. Haphazard leads to frazzled and messy.

Wednesday, we went to story time because we always go to story time. Story time sucked because we got the sucky storyteller. and this story teller made us participate in group activities. we hate group activities. we like individual in a group. not group as a whole. You should have seen the look TS shot me when she had to do ring around the rosie. They all refused to hold hands with anyone. I tell you what, they may not be my kids... but these kids are totally mine, lol. Alex's sister was pissed that she had to go home after. She wanted to stay and play with the Little Dementor and the Tiniest Supervillain. So I promised her something great if she went to her last day of school. Something and "Summer". She doesn't know what summer is yet, but she'll learn. Kind of a throw the girl to the sharks kind of thing... swim along or be eaten alive.

Thursday, I had to come up with something great. Follow through is just as important with rewards as it is with discipline. So, we went to feed the ducks, look at animals and play on a playground. and the girl learned to climb :) She's a quick learner, all she needs is an example and encouragement. "I can't do it," lol, I haven't heard those words since. Well, except when she couldn't find her own worm but that's later. We came home to play in water and wait for the boys, once the boys came home, we were off again.

Since they kicked my ass, I didn't plan on doing anything Friday because I needed rest...until I found out The Little D and Tiniest S were going home Saturday so... Friday, it is. We went to another park where we discovered "higher" ...

and "worms" which were actually caterpillars. When we got home, the TS was helping the Sister find worms. and she found one. Every time Sister said, "I can't find one," TS would poke a stick at the ground, "There he is! See him dead body? I found him. That's him dead body right there." Well, the worm wasn't actually dead until this...

Now it's dead.

Then came the game of freeze tag. The final nail in my coffin...

Once the Little D was it... that was the end of it. I am so glad he's not my runner, the boy is quick! NO! You don't understand! I was running and running and it didn't matter how fast I ran, how quick I turned, who I threw in his soon as I started thinking I lost him, I looked back and there he was! I just could not shake him! It was scary, man! HE was scary! and smart! He wore down the big people and froze them before he went after the little ones. Once it came down to the Little D vs the Goofy was done.

I told the adults I couldn't do another day in a row, I had to have a break. Saturday was off-limits. HA! My husband promised the Goofy one a trip to the gas station, I think in return for getting rid of the dog- he had to go, not just because yet again he woke me up before 7:30 jumping all over me and sitting on top of me to scratch while the Goofy one curled up at my feet and blasted cartoons when there are 2,000 other TVs where sleeping people are not but because he keeps biting me. and it hurts. I look like a domestic abuse survivor right now with all of my bruises. I don't look good in bruises.

Anyway, he had to go to work so I thought we could take a field trip up to the gas station and that would satisfy him... pfft. now he wants to walk to the school to play. So, we're off again! Maybe soon I'll have something more interesting to tell you about :)

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