Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This, too, shall pass.

There has been craziness around my house these past few days. Ever since the last day of school signaled an abrupt crash of everything structure and routine.

Our home has descended into chaos. mayhem. anarchy. bad kids and stuff like that in addition to the need to get up at an insanely early time for beautiful summer mornings to clean up shit. every day. and twice on Friday. Then there's the wandering, the bolting, the "go. go. go." "goodbye? goodbye?" Alex's sister is a bad influence. I'm totally blaming her for the "go go go!" even though Alex uses periods in his. Then the other kids with their bickering and temper tantrums and the "when are we going to the park?" and all that nagging that leads to my own temper tantrums. "all behavior is communication." Just remember that.

The house is destroyed, I can't keep up. Laundry is unbelievable but I can't get down there. The kids want OUT but there're too many things stopping us- bad weather, shared transportation on the weekends, other obligations... This, too, shall pass. Some days I chant this to remind myself that it'll be ok. It won't last long. just breathe your way through and it'll be ok.

There have also been times like, "here, Mom, I got this for you."

and the first drive on a new permit:
Me: Seat comfortable?
T2: IDK, I think so.
Me: Check mirrors?
T2: *adjusts mirror*
Me: Seatbelt?
T2: Got it.
*backs up* *phone vibrates* *teenage reflex*
Me: Don't text and drive. That's what God made red lights for.
T2: ok.

T2: Did I scare you?
Me: Pfft. I taught your brother in a stick.

Guess who got their driver's permit!!! Congrats, Thing2!!!

and then there are the moments when you are so close to losing your mind and something happens and you are reminded to STOP.
Leftover BBQ covering counters and the stove... BBQ sauce dripping off the counter... dishes piled in the sink... 1/2 full soda cans sitting around... trash overflowing... toys, fruit loops and bits of food covering the floor... It can wait. Alex wants to dance with his mama. :)

*priceless moments*

because this, too, shall pass.

I got up with the alarm this morning, looked in on Alex who was still sleeping, and walked into the kitchen for some coffee. Standing with my coffee, I watched 2 small boys run through the yard and crash in through the back door, laughing and falling over each other (Walter told them they could go out so they didn't wake me up)

Instead of yelling at the small ones for being outside while I was asleep, instead of yelling at Walter for wasting tape... I recognized that these moments... they will pass. The boys won't be rambunctious little pups for long. Walter is growing into someone who does what he can before asking for help. I made a decision. I said thank you and sat down to help him.

Walter is very proud of his brand new wallet made extra special with Mom's help...

So, tomorrow, when I am at the end of my rope... someone remind me, please?


  1. I am repeating that a lot lately "this too shall pass". I just need to remember that the good stuff is passing too, gotta catch those moments. :)

  2. Aww Mac this is SOO stinkin important!! My son is 20. We still have good times to remember but I missed SOOO much of the good times when he was little cause i worked..a lot..sometimes 2 jobs...I So regret that!

  3. thanks for the reminder Mac. love this

  4. Hi! I'm your newest follower. I love your blog. I'm so glad I came across this today :)

    The Adventures of Room 83

    1. Welcome!!! Have a look around, let me know what you think, I'm headed your way now.