Friday, May 10, 2013

The Goofy Child wants a job.

That is no secret but today's conversation gives me a whole new realization.

It started with lunch. The kids didn't go on a field trip because they are 1/2 day Kindergarten so instead, they are having lunch at school. The Goofy One is excited and bragging to the boy at the bus stop that he gets to have lunch at school. "Next year you'll have lunch at school every day," I say to him as my heart cramps a bit. I'm excited, no, you have no idea! well, maybe you do since you've read along and experienced the entire year with me, but I'm freaking giddy over the last day of school being 9 days away. 9. Single digits. Until this morning when it clicked that the first day of school is a mere 3 months away and the Goofy Child will be full day first grade. Full day. I don't know that I can take being away from him that long. but, back to the story...

The boy at the bus stop says, "and the next year and the next year, all the way through high school! NO! College, I think!" GAH! I'm panicking over first grade and he's talking college! The Goofy One says, "yeah, and after college, I'm going to buy a job." "buy a job? Honey, you get paid to DO a job." The boy at the bus stop says, "well, you'll probably get a job in high school." and I'm looking at my soon to be first grader... picturing exactly how soon that time will come and I want to scream, NO! Don't grow up! Slow down!

The Goofy One says, "I'm going to work at McDonald's. um, but they'll have to teach me the steps." "Of course they will, baby. Kiss me, your bus is coming." Then I stood back and watched with the new understanding that this is the first of the last 9 days that I will watch my kindergartener bounce up the bus steps.


  1. I would never be able to afford to buy a job..

  2. That's funny! Once when my son wasn't much older than Goofy he said he was going to work at McDonalds and live in a yacht.