Monday, May 20, 2013

Ever had one of those days where nothing goes right?

Sometime during the night there must have been a storm that knocked the electricity out, which set my alarm clock to flashing instead of doing it's job to wake me up. My husband was the one to notice this...after Alex missed his bus.

get the Goofy one up, dressed and medicated... he can't find his shoes. We searched and searched and could not find them anywhere... we had that baby girl here who loves to wear other people's shoes. crap. I still can't find his shoes but I found the old ones just in time for him to miss his bus.

On the way to Alex's school because I have to go to Alex's school first because to take Alex to his old school and then leave... upsets Alex just a little, I realize I don't have his glasses.

alright, fine. whatever. Just whatever. I'm ready to just chalk it up to a bad start to a normal morning and I'll just have to go get them after I get all of the kids to school... until I see this driving Alex to school...

and I knew. I knew that this wasn't just another one of those days, this was another one of THOSE days where apparently, the Good Lord needed a good laugh and I'm the one wearing a kick me sign.

This is the only way I know to get to Alex's school and it took me months to find my way without getting lost. I call my husband for directions, he doesn't answer his phone and there is no way for me to go around this and get where I'm going so f*ck it! He's not going. He'll stay home with me. *firm nod*

We head back the way we came on the way to the Goofy Child's school and pass back by the house where Thing1's whatever is standing on our front porch with the grandbaby looking worried. I call my husband who *surprise* doesn't answer his phone. Thing1's whatever calls me, I tell her he's in the garage, just go in. ok. problem solved.

We get to the Goofy Child's school, I have one eye on him, two knots undone, two socks and one shoe on Alex and my phone rings. The doors are locked. and she has to leave now.

FINE! load back up and head back home. I pull into the driveway to see my husband standing on the front porch holding the grandbaby, waving. I slap the steering wheel mouthing, "are you f*cking kidding me!?" he mimes at me Alex's glasses, I flip him the bird and back out of the driveway to head back to Goofy's school.

I have one eye on the Goofy child, undo the knot in Alex's shoe lace, put his socks and shoes back on and walk the Goofy one into the building. Alex is in a hurry, Goofy is not. I'm trying to slow one and hurry the other all the way to the door. We get inside and into the office where I can barely think straight enough to tell the Goofy child what to do, as if he's never been late for school before. As if he has to be told every single step every single time. The receptionist tells me to not bother signing him in when Alex tried to clean her counter for her and said she'd do it.

and then we go home. me 'n' Alex. I pack a diaper bag for him and the grandbaby, throw his stroller in the car and I'm ready to go to the social security office with my husband because one of us forgot to report wages, I'm sure there was a supernatural hand in it setting the stage for today. My husband wants to know why I still have Alex. I still have Alex because GOD HATES ME!!!!

My husband decides Alex is going to school. He will drive. Poor Alex. Oh, poor Alex. he's going to have such a rough day. Fine. whatever.

We get to the school and I stop by the office to ask the receptionist to please call his room. she says she will. Leaving the office, I realize I didn't tell her why I wanted her to call. I need them to come get Alex because he doesn't really like for me to walk him to class. I figure while we're waiting, since I'm hoping someone will show up, we can hit the nurse's office for his toe. he must have hit it on something because he has a big open area. She doctors his toe and we go back to the hall where there is no one. Ok, I walk him to class.

Once I get back out and we are on our way, I see that there is no way we will be able to go to the social security office and get back home in time to get Goofy. We have to pick one or the other. So, we call the neighbor dad and I hang my head in shame at having to ask, yet again, for him to pick up my slack.

And I'm back to Alex. He is feisty today. I'm hoping he has a good day, even though the morning was such a mess. He comes home without his glasses and with a reminder that I forgot to send diapers. again. Yeah, we're just going to call that even.

Tomorrow will be a good day. Tomorrow will be easy. Tomorrow will go as planned. I have faith.